Treating Thyroid


If you are considering getting your Thyroid out, you may want a second opinion. Once the Thyroid is out, you can't put it back."

What is the Thyroid?

The Thyroid gland is the body's orchestra conductor.  When it goes slow, the brain and body and bowel go slow.  Men get Thyroid problems too, but the condition generally affects child-bearing women and children with Downs Syndrome. 

Have you been told that your Thyroid bloods are normal, but you feel sluggish?  
The following symptoms may be due to Thyroid disruption:

  • Tiredness (especially at night)

  • Low Stamina

  • Low mood

  • Intolerance to cold / heat 

  •  Cold hands and feet

  •  Dry Skin   

  •  General aches and Pains

  •  Hair loss  

  •  Loss of outer 1/3 of eyebrows 

  •  Puffy eye lids  

  •  Brittle nails  

  •  Weight gain / loss  

  •  General aches and pains  

  •  Memory lapses  

  •  Poor concentration  

  •  Constipation / diarrhea  

  •  Heart palpitations  

  •  Anxiety  

  •  High cholesterol  

  •  Goitre

If you have low or high Thyroid, do you know the cause? Is the cause being treated? 

If your Thyroid is too low, your GP can prescribe T4 according to the guidelines.  Unfortunately, that's not the active form of Thyroid and if your body can't process the T4 into the active form (e.g. under conditions of insulin resistance and stress), you are no better off.  There are a number of reasons for disrupted Thyroid and T4 may not be the answer. 

The following causes can underlie Thyroid disease:

  •  Auto-immune Disease e.g. Hashimoto's Disease or Graves Disease

  •  Nutrient imbalances e.g. Iodine (high or low), Iron, Zinc, Vitamin D & B Vitamins

  •  Heavy metals, especially mercury

  •  Toxins e.g. fluoride (not just in water but also in toothpaste).  Teflon and chlorine are other examples. 

  •  HPA axis disruption, aka the bodies stress response e.g. stress or lack of sleep  

  •  Unhealthy gut e.g. parasites

Aside from your GP, you have options for treatment you may not be aware of e.g. you might seek further treatment from:

(1) A range of natural health practitioners with 2-3 years of formal training who can investigate underlying causes.  Their alternative treatment toolkit includes changes in lifestyle and nutrition to reduce inflammation.

(2) Dr Cindy de Villiers is a registered FACNEM doctor with 11+ years of formal training and 28 years of medical experience.  Now specializing in the complex and under-served area of Thyroid Treatment, Dr de Villiers is qualified and experienced to address all the pieces of the puzzle, including underlying causes and the full treatment model.

  •  Prescribe T3 or slow-release T3 appropriately for immediate relief of symptoms, while mitigating the risks of over replacement

  •  Manage an optimum ratio of T4 to active T3 

  •  Mitigate the body creating excessive reverse T3, which is inactive and blocks any T3 you may have

  •  Ensure optimum levels of Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Oestrogen and Progesterone to aid Thyroid function

  •  Access local and international, funded and unfunded tests including but not limited to Reverse T3, TSH, free T4, free T3, Thyroid antibodies including TRABs

  •  Refer to Thyroid Surgeons

  •  Employ pre-guideline medical training knowledge e.g. Nuclear Medicine testing for hotspots (too much Thyroid)

For option (2), Dr Cindy de Villiers' Thyroid Specialization Program is designed for Telehealth delivery throughout Australia and New Zealand.  All you need is a smartphone, tablet or laptop and reliable internet.

If you would like to explore improving your Thyroid condition and your Life, please read the FAQ below, then click on the "Starter Package" if you feel Dr Cindy de Villiers will be a good fit for you.