Starter Package

Starter Package


Dr Cindy de Villiers' Functional Medical Treatment - Assess, Intervene, Refine, Maintain

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Includes: 1.5 hour consult for the initial plan, a 1 hour followup consult and setup admin including NHI lookup.

As a rule of thumb, please additionally budget NZ$600 for Test KitsSupplements & Prescriptions/Referrals. Refer FAQs for more info.

After pre-payment, please check for a confirmation email with a link to the Patient Portal page, where you can enter further details and create the first appointment (initial consults are typically available within 1 month).

The pre-payment confirms that both parties will provide the necessary resources and commitment to conclude the Starter Package over the subsequent 2-3 months. Pre-payment may be credited towards other services. Unless by prior arrangement, any unused balance on your pre-payment at the end of 1 year from date of purchase is forfeited.

Refund Policy: $313.50 non-refundable.