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Expanding the Effectiveness of Supplement and Lifestyle Interventions

The clinic is continually researching advances in supplement & lifestyle interventions. Cindy & Rose as experienced clinicians see the effectiveness of supplementation and lifestyle changes for health and performance, where appropriately applied to individual circumstances. As a software engineer, Neil has puzzled over how to apply the clinic’s capabilities to a wider audience. After 15 years of biohacking, the SleepPerformance online service is our collective answer.

How does the clinic propose to personalize an automated biohacking diagnostic & treatment service?

Continuous and automated monitoring progresses 3 key health trends:

  • Improve lifestyle

  • Improve quality of care

  • Reduce cost and risk

When smart wearable technologies and patient planning come together, clinicians have a new way to plan and intervene.

Aside from the Oura Ring quantifying the performance impacts of lifestyle events (e.g. a late night or a glass of wine), there is opportunity to build on Oura data to prioritize the most effective interventions at the most effective dosage and at the most effective time. Refer for more information on how the concept of Minimum Effective Dose is about more for less. The clinic’s interest in the Oura Ring is that we can access raw HRV data (and by extension Apple Watch data).

With the able assistance of our health and engineering network, we are currently busy designing and building an online service using Oura data to expand what’s possible with supplement and lifestyle interventions. Each week the SleepPerformance online service will make personalized recommendations from a library of interventions, reviewing each client recommendation against a minimum of 70 user-profile and real-time factors. The underlying diagnostic and treatment rules engine is designed to learn and adapt quickly (you can see Cindy updating the data-driven technology in the headline picture above). In September (next month) we will be ready for select users to take a look and let us know what they think.

Once the service is up and running, Cindy and Rose will have a new personalized vehicle to release the latest research each month.

We’re looking forward to sharing and growing this concept with our clients to bring the benefits of functional medicine to a wider audience.

See the following screen prints for a first glimpse.

Figure 1: The SleepPerformance Dashboard

Figure 1: The SleepPerformance Dashboard

Figure 2: After asking to review new findings, looking at a new finding

Figure 2: After asking to review new findings, looking at a new finding

Figure 3: Having chosen a finding as relevant, selecting an intervention to try

Figure 3: Having chosen a finding as relevant, selecting an intervention to try

1 year Beta Program Subscription

The beta program is early adopter access for clients interested in shaping the roadmap of SleepPerformance and comfortable that things might not initially always work as planned.

The beta program is available to registered patients aged 20+ (excluding those pregnant, breastfeeding, being treated for cancer, or undergoing gender reassignment treatment), who are actively using an Oura Ring and interested in providing product feedback. Message us using the form below to apply.

If not a registered client, please Register before applying (alternatively the online service will be available for general release in 1-2 months).

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For Contributors

This thought leading article encapsulates some of the background thinking behind what we are looking to achieve:

HRV refers to the millisecond variation between consecutive heartbeats and reflects the pulse of the vagal nerve activity on the sinoatrial node (heart).

HRV is a marker of health and well-being in that it measures the function of the vagus nerve.  As such, HRV has been posited as a useful and simple means to predict and promote longevity.

The SleepPerformance online service leverages the Azure DevOps platform to create a secure continuous improvement model.

If you have value to add and are interested in finding out more, please refer:

Technology as servant, Science as Counselor, Knowledge as guide
— Paul Drucker

Legal Stuff for SleepPerformance

Any recommendation by SleepPerformance with respect to nutritional health, diet or supplementation is done exclusively for educational and information purposes and is for non-diagnostic purposes and general guidelines only. The determination to take or withdraw from any medical intervention resides within the legislative authority of physicians, nurses and nurse practitioners. We support the distribution of current research and information relating to all topics and likewise encourage clients to make informed health care decisions having researched and understood all balanced and accurate information to which those decisions pertain. In every case, please consult a medical physician regarding any changes you make to your medical regimen, as doing so without consultation or supervision by a qualified practitioner may be dangerous.  Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read in any services provided. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 111 immediately.