Better Sleep & Performance

By Addressing Bio-chemical & Neurological Imbalances

One practice known to convert a healthy new habit into a permanent way of life is exposure to your own data.
— Walker M. Why We Sleep: New York: Scribner; 2018

The SleepPerformance Story

For our personal health goals, we want:

  1. Unbiased, objective, automated online health advice based upon our individual personal data

  2. To start with an awareness of what we're doing differently to our parents & grandparents when we get health issues they didn't, then apply the latest research and capabilities to live optimally in the modern environment

  3. Beyond trial and error, assistance to help us take responsibility for our own health outcomes

  4. Health advice that understands the complexity of our health. Health advice based only upon age & gender isn't relevant to the outcomes we want. We want multi-factorial advice

  5. Health advice beyond a means to mitigate sickness e.g. a means to minimize the use of drugs like Neurofen & Paracetamol

  6. Health advice that takes into account the total picture from many perspectives (not reductionist)

  7. Health advice that understands we’re no longer trying to cure scurvy and that eggs, butter and salt probably aren’t a problem, but sugar and glyphosate probably are

  8. Health advice without needing to sit in a waiting room, but with the option to escalate to a relevant medical expertise (who is able to build on the insights in the collected health data)

  9. Health advice that doesn't take too much time - we don't need another job

  10. Health expertise not fake bargains. We're not buying a TV and we don’t want gimmicks

  11. No risk of any personal data collected being used against us by insurance companies and other commercial or government agencies

What we don’t want is marketing or products pretending something works for everyone. The 3 of us respond completely differently to treatments, with negligible correlation to age and gender.

For us health is about the right thing for the right person at the right time, but all we could find online were pseudo questionnaires marketing what the supplier has for sale.

We decided to see if we could automate aspects of Cindy & Roses’ functional treatment expertise using the latest tech. We imagined an online independent health advisory service to help individuals sort the wheat from the chaff.

What are the Oura and the Omegawave wearables?

Oura Ring and Omegawave are a new class of consumer wearable, providing accurate measurement of Heart Rate Variability (among other things). HRV is a unique measure of overall health (Pubmed Reference).


Wearable data forms an interlinked matrix of information e.g.

  • Resting heart rate (HR) ideally bottoms out early at night

  • Higher HRV is associated with good health outcomes, but a sudden rise while still under pressure is a warning sign

  • Unusually elevated body temperature might suggest rest needed

  • Respiratory rate should trend lower - from a Buteyko perspective, a high respiratory rate is associated with inflammation

These wearables provide an accurate & timely measure of whether an intervention is too much, too little, or just right.

What is SleepPerformance?

Experimenting by trial and error to improve health can get confusing, so SleepPerformance combines wearable data with client profile and symptom information to identify the most effective changes; a virtual functional doctor drawing from functional clinical experience.

Interventions are user prioritized along the spectrum of sleep through to performance, supplements through to lifestyle, where to start through to what to do next.

Each week the SleepPerformance online service makes personalized recommendations from a library of interventions; a distillation of the art of the doctor and the science of functional health. The SleepPerformance interventions rules-engine is designed to continuously learn and adapt, expertly applying evolving medical research to individual circumstance.

There’s significant opportunity to improve outcomes and save time & money by using SleepPerformance to reduce over and under treatment (Refer minimum effective dose).

SleepPerformance Flow Diagram

SleepPerformance Flow Diagram

Oura Ring Wearable

Oura Ring Wearable

Omegawave Wearable

Omegawave Wearable

What do I need?

Presently an Oura Ring, but we’re working on the Omegawave used by athletes, with more options to follow e.g. a convenient glucose meter would be pretty cool. Let us know using the form below if you have a favorite way of measuring your resting HRV or Glucose (that has a decent API we can hook into).

What do I get?

  1. Unbiased, independent health advice with different clients getting different advice, where the advice changes as symptoms change

  2. Each review of interventions draws from hundreds of data points and thousands of calculations, with specific interventions in a specific order, contraindication aware

  3. Address bio-chemical and neurological imbalances towards building resilience (aka help Humpty Dumpty before he falls off the wall)

  4. No conflict of interest between advice provided and profiting from supplement sales, or collecting personal health information for an insurance company or any other agency

  5. Automated measurement of cause & effect via wearables, meaning less questions to answer and less subjective inaccuracy

  6. Referenced interventions for those who want the science e.g. PubMed

  7. Health advice founded on an evidence based understanding of nutrition and lifestyle, including the importance of whole foods, low carb and fasting

  8. A more specific approach than a statistical likelihood of responding to an intervention. Clinical significance over statistical significance.

SleepPerformance dashboard of started interventions and HRV versus age/gender

SleepPerformance dashboard of started interventions and HRV versus age/gender

SleepPerformance new intervention awaiting accept/decline

SleepPerformance new intervention awaiting accept/decline


Early Access

Early access to SleepPerformance is presently available to registered patients aged 20+ (excluding those pregnant, breastfeeding, being treated for cancer, or undergoing gender reassignment treatment), who are using an Oura Ring and interested in providing product feedback. Message us using the form below to apply.

If not a registered client, please let us know if you’d like to be on the wait-list for the online service when it is generally available.

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Legal Stuff for SleepPerformance

Any recommendation by SleepPerformance with respect to lifestyle, nutritional or supplementation is done exclusively for educational and information purposes and is for non-diagnostic purposes and general guidelines only. The determination to take or withdraw from any medical intervention resides within the legislative authority of physicians, nurses and nurse practitioners. We support the distribution of current research and information relating to all topics and likewise encourage clients to make informed health care decisions having researched and understood all balanced and accurate information to which those decisions pertain. In every case, please consult a medical physician regarding any changes you make to your medical regimen, as doing so without consultation or supervision by a qualified practitioner may be dangerous.  Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read in any services provided. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 111 immediately.