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To get started with Dr Cindy de Villiers' Private Functional Medical Clinic for treating Chronic Conditions, click on the Starter Package button.  

Patients who haven't seen Dr Cindy de Villiers for 2 or more years will need to re-apply (a lot changes in 2 years).

Existing clients use the Portal to create appointments.


Step 2: Setup the first 1 hour Consult

Use the Portal to setup the first Consult and complete the Health Journey Questionnaire.


Step 3: How to find the Clinic

Address: 33 Atmore Terrace, Maitai, Nelson, 7010, New Zealand (Directions)

  • Phone: 03 545 6544

  • Fax: 03 928 0185

  • Client Appt Days: Mon 8.30am-5pm, Wed 10.30am-7pm, Fri 8.30am-2pm
    Phone and Message Queue Days: Tuesday, Thursday 9am-5pm (reception closed in order to complete followup administration & CPD.

Please use email for general inquiries only and not medical information. The clinic will usually answer emails by the end of the next working day. 


Step 4: Lab/Pathology/Functional Tests, Supplements, Prescriptions & Referrals

The initial consult may result in recommendations for Standard/Functional Laboratory Tests, Bloods, Lifestyle and Nutrition changes, Supplements, Prescriptions, Referrals etc.  The clinic does not profit from the sale of supplements in order to be in a position to provide independent advice. Inner Strength kindly provides a specialist service under delegated authority to deliver the supplements from the many different (and continually changing) suppliers, which are needed for effective use of supplements with personalised health. Refer FAQs for more info.

Step 5: Followup Consult(s)

3-6 weeks later, the followup Consult will refine the initial Wellness Plan in light of progress and using Lab Test results. 


Step 6: Maintenance

Annually once treatment is stable, or 6 monthly for some prescriptions. 


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