Apply for the Starter Package

Step 1: Review the Service Offering & Fees

To get started, please first review the information in Dr Cindy de Villiers and Terms and Blog to see if the clinic will be a good fit for you.

Registering as a new client begins with a NZ$1,272.50 pre-payment for:

  • Initial brain health assessment. The relativity of scores measured over time is useful for identifying cognitive interventions i.e. a high score in any individual test isn’t a measure of capacity and that’s not what it’s about. See Brain Health for more information.

  • 1 hour ph360 assessment by Rose Middleton (MN and ph360 endorsed coach) and One Year ph360 Full Access. The ph360 program is a useful means to commence discussions with the clinic around objective data, with some initial interventions usually identified.

  • 1.5 hour first consult with Dr Cindy de Villiers

  • 1 hour followup consult with Dr Cindy de Villiers

  • Setup admin including NHI lookup for access to funded pathology tests

Depending upon complexity of presentation, clients may additionally elect to fund diagnostic Test Kits & treatment supplements etc (the clinic does not materially profit from Test Kits or the sale of supplements).

Cindy & Rose specialize in treating complex presentations with a series of consults and a variety of treatments and so one-off appointments for new registrations are not provided.

Cindy & Rose need to see clients in person at the Nelson clinic for the first appointment; subsequent followups may be via Zoom or whatever is most convenient.

Initial 2.5 hour consults with Cindy & Rose are typically available within 1 month from accepted application.

Please only apply in the event you will be ready to begin treatment as a client in the next few weeks for outcomes over the subsequent 3 month time-frame.

Registration may be tuned and pre-payment allocated towards other services during consultations with Cindy & Rose.

Unless by prior written arrangement, any unused balance on pre-payment at the end of 1 year from date of purchase is forfeited.

Refund Policy: non-refundable.

Step 2: Apply

Next step, please apply to the clinic by submitting the form below - just what springs to mind within 10 minutes.
The intention of the form is to be effective and fulfilling and it isn’t a tick box exercise.

Name *
We ask that the client personally fill out this application as it gives us more accurate information and helps us to understand the degree of motivation for treatment.
Treatment without any animal based nutrition is more complex.
All payments are by online credit/debit card using
I acknowledge I have read, considered and understood the provided registration information and that the next steps will be a review by Cindy and Rose of the information provided, then (assuming a good fit between services and requirements) thereafter (before the first consult) a $1,272.50 pre-payment by credit card and completion of 2 online questionnaires. *
Please note the clinic is unable to confirm a time for the first appointment without a credit card. The online questionnaires must be completed before the first consultation for Medical Council compliance and so Cindy can prepare for you.