How much will it cost to see Cindy? What are the fees?

Registering as a new client begins with a NZ$823.50 pre-payment, which includes an initial 1.5 hour consultation, a 1 hour follow-up consultation 3-6 weeks later, an NHI lookup and other setup administration.

As a rule of thumb when registering with the Starter Package, budget an additional NZ$600 for the first 2-3 months test kitssupplements etc.

The following General Fee Schedule then applies as a currently registered client i.e. have been seen by Cindy at consult in the last 2 years.  If you have an active portal login, you are currently registered. 

  • Consultation 60 minutes: $250.00

  • Consultation 30 minutes: $125.00

  • Online Medical Inquiry through Portal Secure Message: $30.00 / message or per 10 minutes

  • Repeat Prescriptions: $12.50

  • Nurse Consult: $15.00 per 15 minutes

  • Nurse administered injection: $12.50

(*) The clinic provides only 15 consult hours per week in the best interests of optimal outcomes for clients; each consult is important to both clients and the clinic.  To help avoid accidental no-shows, appointment reminders are sent 3 days prior to consult by email and then again the day before by SMS.  There is an active wait-list, hence while discretion is applied for extenuating circumstances, cancellations/no-shows within 24 hours of the scheduled consult deny access to service for other clients and incur a 100% cancellation/no-show fee.  Unless there are extenuating circumstances, no further services will be available in the event of a cancellation/no-show until all outstanding fees are settled.
(**) Fees are in NZ$ and subject to change without notice.

Why is it now 2.5 hours for registration, not 1.5 hours?

We've been very pleased with the improvement in clinical outcomes after introducing the 1.5 hour registration pre-payments.

An unanticipated result of focusing on an optimal outcome for complex chronic cases within 2-3 months, while creating support structures for Cindy to focus on these outcomes, is the growth in her practice.  Cindy is now working with a wider group of professionals, expanding personalized testing and intervention, and expanding her focus on brain & neurological health.  There's more to do and this takes longer.

The clinic will continue to tune its practice in line with its experience & clinical vision.  

How to pay?

For registration pre-payment, credit card payment is accepted.

Thereafter, save your credit card in the portal so Test Kits can be issued. A statement including a full breakdown of fees/receipts is in the portal. Tax invoices available by request in the portal.
By prior arrangement, settlement may be made by cash during consults.  Cheques and EFTPOS and online banking are no longer accepted to reduce processing and administration complexity/costs.

Note the clinic uses Stripe for settling all credit card transactions.

What if I don’t think I have chronic conditions and anyway that’s a lot of money?

That’s where we started. We were introduced over time to functional medicine and our perspectives changed.

Alternative treatment options to Cindy might include:

  • Online research

  • Natural Health Practitioners

  • Mass-market supplement sale and seminar services

  • Govt funded GP services for acute conditions available to enrolled patients

Cindy is suitable for complex presentations where clients wish to take investigation and treatment to another level.

What if I've got health needs, but little or no money to spare?

If you are looking for increased focus, energy, capacity, digestion, mood & normalized weight, watching “The Magic Pill” on Netflix is a consumable introduction to some interesting ideas. Reading Dr Jason Fung's book and listening to his podcasts will deliver on goals for many, with little or no cost.  Yoga classes open up a complementary treatment. Get fit.  If it feels like it’s all not working, or those changes seem too hard, there may be something trickier going on and that's where Health Function is appropriate.

What are the longer term maintenance commitments/costs associated with seeing Cindy?

The clinic aims to create meaningful change within 2-3 months; thereafter we won’t see some clients again, but many return as health challenges change. Once stabilized with initial treatment, ongoing maintenance is often suitable.

For those with prescriptions, the Medical Council requires 6 monthly follow-ups, otherwise Cindy cannot issue repeat prescriptions. A minimum of an annual in-person consultation is also required for prescriptions (Medical Council requirement again).

Registered clients who haven’t seen Cindy for 1-2 years will need an hour appointment minimum.

Registered clients who haven't seen Dr Cindy de Villiers for 2 or more years will need to re-register for the Starter Package (a lot changes in 2 years in medicine and personal circumstances).

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine treats the body as a whole rather than thinking of it as a collection of unrelated parts.

What is Chronic Disease?

A chronic condition is a human health condition or disease that is persistent or otherwise long-lasting in its effects, or a disease that comes with time.  The term chronic is often applied when the course of the disease lasts for more than three months.

What is experienced as chronic illness may have to do with the ecology of the cell and the cell's response to perceived danger, whether from infections, toxins or psychological distress.  This unified theory of chronic disease lends itself to the treatment of many chronic conditions by modifying the cell ecology, the potential dangers and the resultant inflammation and oxidation.

What is Functional Medicine used for?

If you are interested in improved focus, energy, relationships, sleep, digestion, mood & normalized weight, so is Health Function.

For those with diagnosed chronic conditions, we are often told to “live with it.” It being chronic problems for which mainstream medicine has no real answers except a pill for the rest of our life, which we have to take to suppress our symptoms. While there is seldom a single reason for a particular problem, by piecing together parts of the puzzle which may be adding to our state, we may lead ourselves down the path of health.  

The clinic embraces both conventional & complementary therapies and is an alternative to a reductionist approach.  If you've reached the end of the road with a reductionist approach, the clinic is a full-time specialized functional medical service with the experience, staff, environment and systems to manage the complexity of treating chronic conditions for optimal outcomes.

Why Independent Personalized Registered Functional Medical advice?

What if only a fraction of genetic expression was fixed and most could be optimized by lifestyle and nutritional changes?

This isn't revolutionary; most of us are familiar with going for a jog to get fit or taking pharmaceuticals to try to fix a problem. We may also be familiar with the significant unpleasant side-effects from doing an exercise which doesn't suit us, or taking pharmaceuticals that cause problems.  In the wider context, what we eat and what we think can influence genetic expression.

What if there was personalized medical expertise available from an experienced registered medical doctor, whose goal is to help individual clients alter their genetic expression to be less anxious, sleep better and have better cognitive and physical capacity?

What might be done? Testing to work out what's going on, neuro-cognitive techniques to overcome programming hurdles, supplements used therapeutically or for deficiencies, pharmaceuticals and specialist referrals where individually appropriate, effective nutritional and life-style changes ... a targeted personal plan of action is achievable.

In summary, the clinic's purpose is to increase quality of life while appropriately decreasing reliance on pharmaceuticals.

Should I wait?

The earlier you get started with Functional Medicine, the more options there are and the more effective those options will be.  In later stages once diagnosed with conditions, progress gets more complicated with much more going on.  "I'm healthy, but just not feeling quite right" or "I want to up my game" are great places to start. 

What is the relationship between Functional Medicine and CAM?

From the Medical Council’s perspective, your appointments with Dr Cindy de Villiers are for a Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) consultation. CAM is also known as “Nutritional & Environmental Medicine”, “Functional Medicine” & “Integrative Medicine”.

For information about CAM, refer MCNZ Doctors and CAM

Health Function provides Complementary Medical care that does not take the place of usual GP medical care. Health Function does not provide General Practice services.  Patients are expected to continue enrollment with their GP. Health Function does not provide govt funded acute or emergency medical care. 

Please note Cindy isn't setup to do what your GP does for enrolled patients with acute conditions; likewise your GP operating within the guidelines isn't setup to do what Cindy does for complex chronic conditions.

Lots of people advertise online as doctors.  Is Dr Cindy de Villiers a genuinely qualified and registered medical doctor in NZ/Australia?

It's easy to tell.  Genuinely qualified and registered medical doctors in NZ and Australia are listed with MCNZ and AHPRA respectively.    

Is Cindy a Natural Health Practitioner?

A Natural Health Practitioner and a Registered Functional Doctor are different e.g. a registered FACNEM qualified doctor has a minimum 11 years of formal tertiary and postgraduate medical training and has access to a wider medical toolkit. 

What was Cindy’s journey to specializing in Personalized Functional & Integrative medicine?

"In the early days, I was brought up in an environment where food was considered important for health and at Med School in the early 90s, I was inspired to do my research project in homeopathy.

Then while practicing as a GP in NZ in the late 90s and trying to find a way to add value to clients, I stumbled upon Mike Cushman.  Mike founded Pharmaceutical Compounding (CompoundLabs) and ran an educational series for GPs, which introduced me to bio-identical hormone replacement and a whole new world.  The well known Dr Tessa Jones was also one of the speakers at the same educational series and I would later do some locum-ing for Tessa. In early 2000 a family member had a personal health crisis, which eventually turned out to be mercury poisoning.  The mainstream medical toolkit on its own was inadequate to deal with the presenting symptoms, which led me to delve into aspects beyond the pharmaceutical approach. Then in the early 2000s, Professor Ian Brighthope of ACNEM was instrumental in opening up the world of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine and re-igniting my belief in the value that could be added by medicine. I've been supported along the way by progressive companies like FxMed and CompoundLabs as well as leaders in their field like Dr Tim Ewer."

Will the clinic be a good fit for me?

New clients are evenly split between medical practitioner referrals and those who have researched their health goals online.

The clinic is likely a good fit for those:

  • with health goals around complex chronic conditions, who want and are able to make changes 

  • looking beyond the free/funded healthcare conundrum

  • who haven’t got anywhere with previous approaches, who want to take things to another level

  • able to be open to accepting independent professional medical advice arising from doctor-client collaboration

  • aged 35+. It appears to be particularly important to get on top of health as youthful resilience declines

Are you passionate about getting well and ready to make appropriate lifestyle, diet, medication, supplement and exercise changes?

Do you feel you have the courage and willingness to take the next step towards wellness? 

Are you interested in "Eat fresh, local, seasonal whole food produce according to your cultural beliefs & environment, reducing sugar & processed 'food'"? (credit Dr Gary Fettke) 

Once a plan is agreed with your doctor and nurse, are you able to commit to the plan? 

If the answer to these questions is no but you are interested, have a think what next step you might be able to take to answer yes.

When might the clinic not be a good fit for me?

  • Those looking for a quick fix. Clients are almost always going to have to make changes to their lifestyle to get the outcomes they want. If doctor shopping for supplements and tests but unable to modify lifestyle for 3 months, it's likely not worth proceeding at this time.

  • Those who are pregnant should best wait until after birth to visit Cindy, as she is unable to institute the full program during pregnancy.

  • Those who need WINZ forms completed should see their GP or after-hours, who are funded and staffed and have the electronic forms to cater for urgent needs.

  • Those who wish a documented medical legal opinion.  The clinic no longer provides a service to document medical legal opinions.

  • The clinic no longer offers IVC or other Intravenous Therapies. For advanced cancer treatment including Cold Laser and IVC etc, refer

  • Those who are unable to use the online Patient Portal on a smartphone, tablet or laptop for messaging and appointments.  While we do our best to help those unable to use online resources, the clinic's cost structure and collaborative vision are geared to the use of the Patient Portal.  

  • The clinic isn't a good fit for those not interested in getting well and staying well.  For prospective clients where self-worth, social status or financial security may be linked to illness, it is best to carefully consider whether to proceed.

As a new client thinking about registering, will it work?

While Cindy is a gateway to the latest medical research and capabilities for chronic conditions, the question of whether treatment will work is largely up to the individual client.  There are no guarantees in health.

For a rule of thumb from observation:

  • About 7/10 clients will respond well to treatment within the first 2-3 months.

  • A shade less than 3/10 will take longer to respond, either because complex requirements take time to unravel and/or clients for a variety of reasons are unable to follow the agreed wellness plan arising from the initial consultation

  • 0.005% of clients in 2018 weren't able to be helped.  We expect this percentage to drop as the clinic tunes its induction processes towards where it can help the most.

What if there isn’t a meaningful outcome within 2-3 months as a new client?

Complex cases may not respond first time round.  If a treatment doesn't work, that is a clinical sign-post providing useful direction for future options.  Providing we are all in a position to be constructively engaged in the health journey, there's always more that can be done.

Will I be listened to?

A number of clients have commented  "Cindy looks at things in a different way and that's what I want".

Is it OK if I have a specific treatment in mind that I wish Cindy to consider?

Cindy is happy to explore all treatment options on a time and materials basis, however she is unable to provide testing or treatment without due diligence in collaboration with the client e.g. this is a good test for this condition for this patient.

Note that to maintain registration, Cindy is held responsible by the Medical Council for standards of care.

Don't registered doctors just get me to pop pills or undertake surgery with little long term evidence of benefit?

Internationally there are signs that governments and the medical industry are looking in the mirror for why the public is losing some confidence in mainstream medical institutions, despite the hard work of those in the field.  The recent decision by AHPRA with respect to Dr Gary Fettke is both an interesting story and heartening for doctors and clients alike.  The Functional & Integrative approach is one response by experienced registered medical doctors looking to apply science and evidence based treatments for chronic conditions without having their hands tied behind their backs.

What does Science & Evidence Based mean?

With our institutions and even well respected medical publications apparently infiltrated by industry funding, this is a good question.  

In an environment where there's a complex mix of evolving science and industry funded disinformation, what choices to make? 

It wasn't long ago that high sugar muesli bars & cereals had a green tick, while articles were being published about eggs and salt and sun being universally bad for health. Yet the very same eggs and salt and sun apparently didn't contribute in our grandparents' time to an epidemic in obesity, auto-immune & other chronic disorders.

What to believe and how to choose between: Olive vs Coconut vs Canola/Soy oil, Meat vs Vegetables vs Fruit vs Grain, Sugar vs Salt vs Fat(s), Baked Beans vs Fad Diets vs Nutrition in general, Water vs Fizzy vs Kombucha vs Alcohol, CBD vs alternatives, Organics vs Herbicides & Pesticides, White Vinegar vs Chlorine based cleaners, Tumeric vs Cinnamon, LED vs Incandescent vs Sunlight, WIFI vs wired networks ... ?

What are the personally relevant effects of different Exercises, Supplements, Pharmaceuticals & Lab Testing, Neuroscience & other branches of medical treatment?

The clinic's experience is that applying the latest science and research provides some remarkable health opportunities, where it is suitable for personal circumstances and curated by Cindy.  Cindy uses formal medical qualifications, clinical independence, constant research and current clinical experience of what works and what doesn't to sort the metaphorical wheat from the chaff.  

How do Lab, Blood, Pathology, Functional Tests work?

Lab, Blood, Pathology, Functional Tests are important to understand underlying causes, avoiding:

  • trial and error with treatments

  • treatments merely suppressing symptoms

Functional Lab Tests differ from Standard Lab Tests in that they provide information on functionality rather than pathology e.g. how well you are using food for energy as opposed to measuring your blood glucose level.

A registered medical doctor is held responsible by the Medical Council for ensuring that lab tests are appropriate and that results are acted upon.  Consequently, lab tests may ONLY be requested from Cindy in conjunction with a follow-up consult.

Reasons why you may wish to get test kits from a registered Functional & Integrative medical doctor include:

  • formal qualifications to provide advice as to whether a test is relevant and the best option

  • access to all tests including registered doctor-only tests

  • formal qualifications for interpretation to fully understand the complex physiological pathways

  • the full intervention toolkit, including alternative supplements/nutrition/lifestyle and mainstream prescriptions/referrals.

  • a professional medical Patient Portal (not a re-purposed salon booking app), where you can securely collate and access all your lab results alongside your medical history  

Lab tests range in cost and the consultation can prioritize according to budget and effectiveness which tests will be beneficial, which ones you should start with and which ones you might budget for later.

Why are Supplements useful?

Cindy uses supplements to address deficiencies or for therapy.

Deficiencies might arise from:

  • Specific farming practices producing less nutritious food

  • Specific food processing practices destroying nutrients

  • Geographic considerations e.g. New Zealand soils are low in Selenium

  • Poor digestive health decreases absorption of nutrients

  • Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs) were set for prevention of overt diseases, such as full blown rickets and scurvy.  RDAs do not reflect optimal or individual requirements.

  • Anti-nutrients found in some foods (such as Phytates and Lectins) may affect nutrient sufficiency

  • Poor dietary choices

Therapy might include:

  • Certain nutrients can be used to effect a therapeutic response.  This not only helps with treating the underlying causes of symptoms but may also have positive downstream side benefits

Cindy’s approach to Supplements

Cindy will evaluate unique nature and nurture and propose the most effective and appropriate supplements as one spoke in a wheel of an overall plan of treatment, leading to fewer more effective supplements, which are better suited to individual circumstances. 

Tried a supplement that was ineffective?  Without a personalized plan, there are likely to be adverse supplement/medication/lifestyle interactions that impact upon supplement effectiveness.  The complexity with regards to mass marketing of supplements leads to many contradictory messages from quoted scientific papers and media headlines. 

Tried a supplement with a side effect? Cindy can provide advice e.g. B3 is good for calm, sleep and helping the mitochondria to work and the common side effect of flushing may not be a cause for concern.

The trick for effectively using supplements is only using the ones your individual system will benefit from and then choosing the most effective brand. There's a wide range of quality and effectiveness for the same supplement depending upon brand.  Information around effectiveness is constantly being updated and hence the brands that Cindy recommends will change if there's one that turns out to be more effective for a reasonable price. The clinic recommends the brands we use personally. 

Inner Strength operate under delegated authority to carry the specific supplement brands which Cindy recommends.  They provide a helpful combination of value and service with their "one stop shop" for the many different supplement suppliers.  Inner Strength and Health Function are independent companies with a shared vision of client well-being, but no shared financial interests or governance.  Inner Strength staff have been provided privacy training.

Ordering, payment and subsequent inquiries about the delivery of Supplements should be made to Inner Strength via their Shopify Website, or visit the Gym/Shop in Richmond at 5 McIndoe Place Richmond, or call Annie & Krysta on (03) 5447786.

When visiting the Inner Strength Gym in Richmond for supplements, you MUST provide your Supplement Plan (provided as a printout by Cindy after each consultation, or available in Handouts section of Labs&Docs folder on the Portal).  Note the Supplement Plan is different to the General Plan in that it only contains the supplement information Inner Strength need, without any other client information.

With the Supplement Plan Annie & Krysta can:

  • identify you as a client of Cindy’s to get access to restricted practitioner-only supplements.  For privacy reasons, Inner Strength don't have access to clinical systems and as supply of higher dose supplements are restricted by suppliers, patients without identification regrettably cannot be served

  • efficiently identify which supplements you need

Why doesn't Health Function profit from the sale of Supplements?

The Medical Council is suitably concerned about misuse of the doctor-patient relationship and the clinic has chosen not to profit from the sale of supplements to avoid conflicts of interest and maintain independence of advice i.e. a major investment for clients pursuing functional health may be in the cost of supplements and so the clinic is positioned to recommend the most appropriate supplements without financial fear or favor. 

Also at a practical level, providing good customer service with the complexity of stocking and supplying supplements from many different suppliers is a complex & time-consuming specialist role.  The clinic is focused on providing independent expert medical advice, rather than trying to be a jack of all trades.  A big thank you to the team at Inner Strength for investing in the technology, personnel and training to make it easy for clients to get the required supplements.  

Nutrition: why Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) diet & Fasting (IF & EF) ?

Paradoxically, a high fat diet can be an effective way to lose weight and increase energy.  Keto is a strict version of this diet which has been used for treatment of epilepsy and is now being studied as an adjunct to some cancer treatments.  Being in ketosis through a ketagenic diet (or by specific supplementation) is associated with reduction in inflammation and increased cognitive function.  On the other side of the coin, restricting calories may lead to slowing the metabolism. 
Combining Fasting with LCHF can be the best of both worlds, simultaneously reducing inflammation while maintaining metabolic rate.  Dr Jason Fung is a leading proponent of the science behind Fasting, with other notables including Dr Stephen Phinney and Dr Tim Noakes.

Fasting is nothing new, but the significant benefits are being rediscovered by modern medicine. It may not suit everybody depending upon phenotype and other factors.  Cindy provides expert advice on how each individual might where appropriate approach LCHF, Fasting, Keto etc.

Below is a general guideline of effects which may occur with fasting:

Hourly Benefits of Fasting as per Dr Jason Fung

4-8 hrs
Blood sugars fall
All food has left the stomach
Insulin is no longer produced

12 hrs
Food consumed has been burned
Digestive system goes to sleep
Body begins healing process
HGH begins to increase
Glucagon is released to balance blood sugars

14 hrs
Body has converted to using stored fat as energy HGH starts to increase dramatically

16 hrs
Body is ramping up fat burning

18 hrs
HGH starts to skyrocket

24 hrs
Autophagy begins
Drains all glycogen stores
Ketones are released into the blood stream

36 hrs
Autophagy 300% increase

48 hrs
Autophagy increases 30% more
Immune system reset and regeneration
Increased reduction in inflammatory response

72 hrs
Autophagy maxes out

How about Exercise?

Exercise is commonly associated with a desire to lose weight, but there appears to be little in the way of a direct link between exercise and weight loss; it's more complicated than calories in calories out. 

However exercise appears to be the single most important factor in maintaining brain health and it doesn't seem unlikely that there's an indirect link between brain health and improved mood/decisions leading to weight loss. Exercise is also associated with heart and lung health, reducing cancer risk & longevity.

The clinic has found strength training to be an important part of our personal health journeys when combined with a functional medical approach to plug gaps, increasing physical and cognitive performance, with significant weight loss as a byproduct.

For those already familiar with using exercise to double average performance, combining the benefits of strength training with a functional medical approach offers the realistic opportunity for much more.

What are Compounding Pharmacies and why are they useful?

Compounding Pharmacies provide advanced prescribing options associated with the latest medical research.

Through Cindy being registered in Australia and New Zealand, clients are able to take advantage of the capabilities of CompoundLabs in New Zealand and Tugun/Kingsway/CompoundingLab in Australia. 

Will Gene Testing be helpful?

Summarizing a passage from a talk by Dr Andrew Heyman:
Just because you have a gene snp, you don't know whether it's live or not.  It all changes based upon what you ate this morning and your epigenetics.  Be suspicious of people manipulating genetic pathways, saying what fats you can eat based upon your genetic snps, because they're selling a book, a dietary supplement, or want you to come to their workshop.  It's amazing what's going on, but it's not there yet. 

Cindy’s approach to gene testing is to focus on genes for which there is evidence that lifestyle changes can be effective. Gene testing is one tool in an overall toolkit, starting with the specific area of interest and interpreting from there.  Gene tests get correlated with clinical presentation, response to intervention & functional testing.
If interested in gene testing, one option is to order Fitgenes.

If you have already completed a 23andme test (the USD99 ancestry one is fine), Cindy can provide guidance around medical interpretation.

Why might I want a referral to a Specialist?

Reached the end of the road with your existing medical approach and being told to "live with it"?  Cindy’s approach includes referrals to specialist registered medical services in NZ and beyond.  Some specialist services are only available where supported by a large population base e.g. a short flight to Brisbane opens up access to different medical capabilities at Qscan Radiology Clinics.  Cindy’s sister who is a specialist in Brisbane describes some of the opportunities with the latest Radiology & Neurovascular capabilities in this article.

Will my GP be OK with me seeing Cindy and will Cindy be OK with me seeing other practitioners?

GPs and other practitioners routinely refer clients to Cindy as a safe pair of hands for complex chronic conditions.  What Dr Cindy does is complementary to your GP.  Likewise, Cindy routinely collaborates with multiple practitioners in the best interests of clients.

Why is Dr Cindy de Villiers registered as a medical doctor in Australia as well as New Zealand?

Registration in Australia & NZ means Cindy can treat Australian & NZ patients and provides access to a library service of published scientific papers through the Royal Australian College of Practitioners.
Australian registration also provides useful prescribing options for patients.

Can Clients claim consultations and costs against Insurance or ACC?

The clinic cannot guarantee insurance can be claimed, but can provide clients with all the information needed to submit a claim i.e. the clinic runs accounting processes suitable for providing itemized patient accounts. Some health insurance plans cover appointments with General and Specialist Doctors but we recommend you seek pre-approval.

Likewise you are welcome to keep any receipts and contact ACC about possible reimbursement of costs e.g. the amount that GPs are subsidized for ACC visits.

How do I get started?

Click on the Starter Package to get started.
Upon payment, you get access to request your first consult and will then be provided with an IFM medical questionnaire.  The format of the questionnaire is optimized to collect the clues Cindy needs.  
For Yes/No questions where you feel "Maybe" would be more appropriate, techniques to try include: 

(1) try to avoid over-thinking and answer what first springs to mind or ...

(2) leave blank if that feels best.

(3) being a standardized IFM form, think NZ where the form says US  

If you have a NZ Passport, birth certificate or Residency Visa, a scan should be uploaded into the "Labs & Docs" tab for access to some services (or bring the document to the first consult for scanning).

Clients who have undertaken their own research and come in with specific questions or concerns often make the fastest progress.

Does the clinic offer Emergency and After Hours care?

Cindy’s role is to turn 90 minutes into influencing a lifetime of nature and nurture towards a client well-being reset.  The clinic as a whole spends considerable effort towards creating the environment where these well-being resets can occur.  Emergency care runs counter to being able to provide this considered creative environment, so see GP and After Hours services for acute and emergency care.  

Are Telehealth/Zoom consults offered?

Cindy will email you a Zoom link on the morning prior to your appointment.  Please click on the link ahead of time using your laptop/tablet to give your browser time to download any necessary plugins and check mic/speaker function.  If Cindy is running a few minutes behind, reception will be in touch to keep you posted.

What's the clinic environment like and is it suitable for those with sensitivities?

The new clinic is a 5 minute drive up Nile & Cleveland streets from the centre of town, or a 30 minute walk up Mayroyd Terrace.  

The road up can be a little narrow at times depending upon traffic, but once there you have guaranteed parking, loads of space to turn and plenty of signage.

The clinic consists of a reception/waiting room, a consult room and a bathroom.  VOC free paints and untreated macrocarpa paneling have been used for wall linings and cork/wool/double-glazing is used for acoustic absorption.  The clinic is fragrance free (staff wear no perfumed products), but an essential oil diffuser may be used.  Bike and dog friendly environment - if you can hear a couple of yapping small dogs behind a fence somewhere, you are in the right place.

Filtered water and Pomeroys' organic Lemon & Ginger tea are available in the waiting room. Reverse Osmosis filtered water available by request.

For those requiring wheelchair assistance, please let us know in advance so Neil will be available to act as orderly.

Although all devices in the clinic are Cat6 wired, due to ambient WIFI, the clinic is not suitable for clients with significant EMF/EMR sensitivities. The clinic perimeter is monitored by CCTV.

Will Cindy call to discuss Lab Results?

Medlab results arrive electronically to the clinic and are then reviewed and released to the portal for clients. Cindy will call in the event that a Lab Result requires immediate attention, otherwise the results will be discussed at the next scheduled consult.  
Please note sometimes the results published in the portal are colour-coded Amber or Red, but are OK for an individual client's circumstances e.g. a red Cortisol result may occur with a client using Prednisone and is considered normal under those circumstances.
Please also note Cindy is not able to call clients at their request outside of scheduled consults to discuss results i.e.

  • Cindy in consult seeing other clients

  • it's not viable to play telephone tag

  • a 5 minute conversation is unfortunately never a 5 minute conversation

  • the clinic is not an emergency service

If concerned about a test, clients may wish to queue an online medical inquiry via a secure message in the Portal.

Can the clinic send my Lab Results to my GP or other practitioners?

The clinic can't email Lab Test results to another practitioner due to privacy regulations around sharing medical information.  
Instead alternatives include:

  • the GP or any other authorized practitioner may make a request electronically or by phone.

  • the Lab Results are available electronically in the "Labs & Docs" folder of the Patient Portal and can be printed, or you can login to the portal with the practitioner who needs to see the result

What is Anti-Ageing and why is Cindy an A5M Practitioner?

There are 2 branches to Anti-Ageing, cosmetic and medical.  The clinic is focused on the medical and lifestyle aspects of Anti-Ageing to avoid masking symptoms e.g. irregularities on the face might be an indication of excessive alcohol consumption and/or oxidative stress.  One approach might be to reduce alcohol and increase liver and kidney support and another might be an expensive and well marketed course of topical treatments and moisturizers.  Cindy is interested in the former approach.  Refer A5M for more info.

What about Muscle Testing (Applied Kinesiology)?

Muscle testing is one tool available in the toolkit.  If you are specifically looking for Muscle Testing for food allergies, there are local options in Nelson which may be more immediately available e.g. Alison Singleton.  For more information about muscle testing, refer Muscle Testing info

Where do I go if I have a Radiology referral?

Either Pacific Radiology (03 548 2745) or Koru Radiology (03 541 0050) in Nelson or Richmond.  You need to call first for an appointment.

What if I want CBD?

CBD is prescribed where appropriate by Cindy and other registered doctors in the Nelson area.

What about things like FIR Sauna & Sensory Deprivation Floating & Cryo-Sauna?

There are a number of reasons for having regular saunas for enhanced physical performance and detoxification.  The clinic can recommend local providers.

Sensory deprivation floats are very calming and physically therapeutic due to the magnesium absorption through the skin. The clinic can recommend local providers.

Cryosaunas and ice baths are promoted by biohackers for increased energy.  The underlying idea is to tap into primordial energy pathways in a similar way to Tummo breathing.  The medical advice is to not undertake Cryosauna or ice baths unless cleared by your doctor.

Does the clinic provide a Patient Portal so I can see my information and collaborate easily and securely with the clinic?

The Patient Portal is fundamental to the Functional & Integrative medical approach.  It is the best way to:

  • make and update appointments

  • send and receive messages to and from the clinic

  • upload and download documents, handouts, test results, ID documents etc

  • update contact details- set preferred pharmacies so your prescriptions arrive at the right place 

What about Privacy for my Medical Data?

Cindy, staff and suppliers make every attempt to comply with the Privacy Act 1993 and Health Information Privacy Code 1994.  Every patient interaction is subject to review by the relevant authorities including: Equally Cindy is a member of    

All staff and contractors receive privacy training and Health Function has invested in professional medical software for efficiently managing the complex data associated with medical collaboration.  

The clinic's policy is not to release client information to external parties, unless for procedural reasons to the benefit of the patient (e.g. lab tests and delivery of supplements), or where required to do so by court order.

But I don't care about my privacy.  Why can't the clinic send medical information in an email?

The clinic operates within the environment set by the Medical Council,, the Privacy Act 1993 and Health Information Privacy Code 1994.  The clinic is unable to email medical information.  

Using the Patient Portal is also better for clients because:

  • emails are unreliable and get lost in junk mail etc.

  • emails cause confusion where the clinic can't tell which client the email is from, or the clinic is not allowed to reply to an email address not associated with the registration

  • emails have to be manually copied and pasted by the clinic to maintain medical council record requirements; time which could better be spent

  • emails can't be managed in a shared centralized queue, which risks mistakes on tasking and follow-ups

Want immediate accurate answers to your questions 24x7?  When all information is in one place, you get fast efficient service. 

How responsive is the clinic if I ask a question?

Patient Portal queries made during NZ business hours arrive in a central queue, which is continually reviewed and tasked to the appropriate person. In this manner, nothing gets lost and we endeavor to provide fast reliable responses.

Prospective clients may also contact the clinic through the website or Facebook or the phone.

Note there is one clinic phone line, which may not be answered if the phone is already engaged or there is a client at reception.  The clinic's policy is that those at reception take priority over phone calls.

Is there a facility for Online Medical Inquiries to Cindy?

For clients who have been seen in consult within the last year, Cindy offers a service for online medical inquiries via Secure Messages in the Patient Portal.
The Health Act precludes Cindy sharing medical information via email except in emergency circumstances, so clients shouldn't email medical questions as the clinic is unable to respond with medical information by email.

Any online medical inquiries requiring a medical response from Cindy (i.e. subject to review by the Medical Council) will incur the minimum online medical inquiry consult fee of NZ$30.

How can clients help the clinic to deliver the warm wonderful experience and outcomes we all want?

  • Register under the same name to be used subsequently.  It leads to confusion when clients apply under one name and then contact the clinic using a different name.

  • Only make appointments for yourself, not on behalf of someone else.  Cindy prepares for you individually the night before an appointment and your consult is also linked to a government NHI number.

  • Provide an email and phone number where the clinic will be able to contact you for appointment reminders and waitlist updates. A personal email will still work where jobs change. 

  • Update details using the Patient Portal when they change.

  • When you know your appointment is about many complex matters, give yourself and the subsequent clients a break and book an hour unless you can prioritize just a few issues.