Test Kits

Cindy uses specialty testing clinical laboratories where the resulting information might speed up diagnosis and treatment e.g. Doctors Data, Nutripath, Fitgenes, FxMed, The Great Plains Laboratory, CompoundLabs, EMLab.

Almost all health practitioners are working in good faith on behalf of their patients to create value, but health is complex and care in scrutinizing the individual relevance of advertised qualifications is time well spent.

Here are some simple questions that can be asked to avoid pitfalls when considering test kits.

Does your requesting practitioner have legitimate practitioner qualifications and the relevant experience to pick the right test, then provide interpretation, then access all the treatment options? All of this needs to be worked out and the facilities need to be in place before commencing testing.

Interpreting tests effectively includes understanding nature and nurture e.g. a gene test may well be needed in conjunction with a DUTCH test to understand underlying cause and effect.

For treatment options, pharmaceuticals may be cheap and effective when subsidized, other times the advantages of nutritional & herbal treatments outweigh cost considerations, but often a balanced mix of both provides the best results e.g. the vascular protocols from www.a4m.com.

As a check, a practitioner can’t prescribe pharmaceuticals or refer to specialists unless they are listed here: MCNZ.  Prescribing is highly regulated and most prescribing doctors work with guideline reference ranges oriented towards acute and emergency medicine and aren’t familiar with specialty testing clinical laboratories.  As an unfunded independent prescribing doctor, Cindy is in a position to work with the latest reference ranges oriented towards optimal health, with the clinic registration process in place to facilitate good practice.

Practitioners who have formally trained with an acknowledged authority in the use of nutritional and herbal therapies are listed on these sites: ACNEM, Bio-Balance, A5M, Toxic Mould and A4M.

As a note of caution, we’ve seen clients arrive with expensive test results, which from the outset were unlikely to serve any useful purpose.

We’ve also seen clients coming to Cindy needing treatment that the previous practitioner wasn’t able to provide, leaving the client out of pocket and confused, which puts all involved in a very difficult position.  Cindy is happy to pickup from where a previous practitioner has left off, but there may be duplication of effort and different tests needed to ensure the regulatory duty of care is provided.

When Cindy recommends a test, she is legitimately qualified by a relevant authority to select a test kit and interpret the results. Cindy is also able to act upon results with all the treatment options e.g. pharmaceutical, nutritional, herbal and specialist referrals.


Need to know – Clinical Laboratory Specialty Testing

Test Kits are only provided to registered clients.  Refer Register if not a current client seen within the last 2 years.

The medical council requires registered doctors to provide duty of care followup in the event a test result requires attention.  To meet this regulatory requirement and because Cindy can’t know the result of a test in advance, clients need to book and attend a one hour followup appointment along with requesting a test kit.  No booked followup = no test kit.

Test Kits aren’t financially profitable for the clinic, but the right test at the right time may add a lot of value towards shared treatment goals. 

The Test Kit fee includes courier delivery within New Zealand and Stripe transaction fees.

Lab collection centres are available throughout New Zealand e.g. https://www.sclabs.co.nz/

 Please note:

  • There are instructions in the kit and notes from Cindy on the wellness plan (in the lab test section)

  • Where applicable, please fill out the form in the kit with your name etc before going to the lab

  • There may be a drawing fee payable at the lab.  Please take all your lab test forms at the same time, so there is only 1 drawing fee.

  • Where there is no fasting, nonetheless in general please stop all supplements for 12-24 hours before the sample is taken

  • Be warm and hydrated with water before you go, but don’t exercise or pump your hands to raise veins as that may alter the sample.

  • For some tests, samples get spun e.g. at Nelson hospital on a Monday or Tuesday morning only; allow 20-60 minutes
  • At the Nelson Hospital Lab which does all the test types, 8am is a good time to arrive as there is someone available from then to take payment. There’s also spare 30 minute parks down the bottom which fill up later.

  • The Nelson Hospital Lab will generally pop the sample in the courier bag included in your kit

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