Personalized Medicine Practitioners


Framing the hypothesis: personalized medicine for chronic conditions is patient led with the goal being optimal health and performance. Funded medical systems are historically authoritarian and bureaucratic and have been wrong-footed by the rise of NCDs and new technology. Patients are getting fed up subsidizing medical services that aren’t relevant to their health status or wishes, while paying again for their actual health aspirations. Patient facing practitioners are becoming the meat in the sandwich.


The environment:

  • non-communicable diseases (NCDs) now account for over 70 percent of deaths worldwide

  • according to the Lifestyle Medicine Global Alliance, 80% of American healthcare spending goes toward the treatment of NCDs

  • the World Health Organization reports that 80% of the diseases of this “silent epidemic” are fully preventable

  • there are no simple answers; solutions are complex and multi-factorial

The challenge as a practitioner:

  • the volume of queries from prospective patients is greater than available resource

  • it can be challenging to provide workable solutions when patients have limited means, or are not familiar with investing in their own health

  • it’s not easy to segment for help the prospective patients who would benefit from low-cost independent nutritional & lifestyle guidance

  • practitioners need the means to focus expensive clinical resource where it will deliver the most value for the patients in the position to fund and complete a course of treatment

  • personalized medicine often means multiple practitioners will be involved, but it’s difficult passing information between practitioners due to medical/privacy roadblocks

  • there’s exponentially increasing volumes of clinically relevant diagnostic data from wearables and lab tests, but practitioners can’t get to it efficiently

  • accessible consumer medtech to objectively measure cause and effect outcomes is now practical

  • patients exposed to their own data are more motivated towards healthy outcomes

  • N-of-1 trials are gaining interest as possibly “the ultimate strategy for individualizing medicine”

  • there’s lots of noise about attracting more patients using social media, but we want to match the right service to the right patient without using ethically questionable services, incurring financial loss, or running ourselves into the ground

The vision:

We’re investigating using technology to provide a win-win for client and clinician:

  • a secure configurable online client-centric dashboard including:

    • timeline (tagged by the patient)

    • AI Physician personalized lifestyle and nutritional interventions

    • wearable data tracking e.g. Oura Ring

    • access to pathology results

    • customisable tracking of No-of-1 trial results

  • clients can invite practitioners to share and collaborate around their data and practitioners can access patient dashboard data for consultations

  • A pleasing and meaningful onboarding process will empower client and clinician

  • because the patient owns the dashboard, the patient can share their data without privacy risks & overheads to the clinician

  • individual (N-of-1) trials can be combined to give population comparative treatment effect estimates

The chronic condition practitioner ecosystem for clients:

  • Acupuncturists

  • Behavioral Practitioners

  • Chiropractors and Osteopaths

  • Herbalists

  • Homeopaths

  • Life coaches

  • Medical Doctors

  • Naturopaths

  • Nutritionists

  • Physiotherapists

  • Specialists

  • Strength Trainers

  • Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher

What next:

Work catering for practitioners is in progress. Please get in touch if you are a health practitioner with a suggestion using connect.