Curious to tackle chronic conditions for a better life?
Without pills or complexity?
 Personalized medical toolkit, based on your genetic profile.
Want to know more?
Wouldn't it be great to have the science and evidence to give yourself permission to listen to your own wisdom? 
Why do some people look great doing the same stuff that makes you unwell?  
  • Establish your phenotype to make simple modifications to lifestyle and nutrition for a better life for you and your loved ones.
  • An accessible tool for addressing chronic medical and lifestyle conditions.
Dr de Villiers and Rose Middleton (MN, IYRT) are ph360 endorsed and have found the ph360 program to be particularly effective for individuals to:  
  • shift weight that is stubborn and stuck
  • reduce stress through better understanding yourself
  • find exercise that suits and works well
  •  understand themselves and others for better interactions
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