Personalized Medicine Registered Doctor

Treatment for underlying causes cannot begin while clients are in the acute stage e.g. very high blood pressure or intractable distress should be assessed by a GP before looking at advanced treatment options. If initial assessment results are not available, diagnosis and treatment will take longer and cost more.
Completing the application form below provides the information to work out how best to assist.

More than one appointment is needed for the diagnostic & treatment protocol provided by the clinic, hence registering for a one-off appointment isn’t available.

The clinic is suitable for adults aged 16+ looking for a personalized medicine registered doctor, excluding those trying to get pregnant, currently pregnant or breastfeeding.  The clinic is also not suitable for those currently undergoing treatment for cancer.

The fee for the initial diagnostic & treatment protocol is NZ$999 inc GST:

  1. Two hours of consultation with Dr Cindy de Villiers @ $300/hour
  2. SphygmoCor vascular health check @ $311.03
  3. Digitalhealth app for the Oura Ring
  4. Setup @ $87.97

Specialty Clinical Laboratory Testing, certified supplements and the Oura Ring not included.

Applicants should be ready to commence treatment and aiming for outcomes over the subsequent 3 months.

Application Form