Intravenous Vitamin C Protocol for Acute Infection

To exclude serious conditions that may need referral for hospital investigation, there must be an initial assessment by a GP.
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Flu, shingles, chest infection etc

High-dose IVC treatment is only suitable for non-pregnant adults aged 16+ with an acute infection.  The clinic does not provide cancer treatment.

IVC protocol

0Register with HF for IVC, for a lab form faxed to the Collingwood Street Medlab 
0See GP to be assessed 
0Visit Lab for blood tests prior to initial consultation for an initial baseline.  One of the necessary lab tests is self funded. 
130 minute consult30 grams
215 minute consult30 grams
315 minute consult30 grams
415 minute consult30 grams



  • High-dose IVC treatment is only available in Nelson at the clinic.
  • IVC can be started at anytime during infection.
  • All patients need to sign a consent form prior to receiving IVC therapy.
  • Please make sure you are well hydrated before you attend.
  • Allow 1 hour for an IVC infusion at the clinic.
  • All fees are non-refundable as an IVC infusion is prepared in advance.
  • For more information, refer blog.