Guidance towards Wellness
using Personalized 
without Treatment Boundaries

Guidance towards Wellness
using Personalized Health 
without Treatment Boundaries


Bridging the gap between a Natural Health Practitioner, a GP and a Specialist

Young & old, male & female, vegetarian & omnivore, the clinic assists patients seeking to rediscover the spring in their step

Dr de Villiers specializes in the Personalized Treatment of Thyroid, Autoimmune & other Chronic Conditions
How useful can Treatments be, which assume everyone is the Same, when we're all Different? 

Join the Telehealth patients in NZ and Australia who use Personalized Medicine

Invest in Enduring Health with a Registered Functional & Integrative Doctor
What common theme links Dr Cindy de Villiers' practice? Inflammation, oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction contribute to all these chronic conditions:
  •  Allergies
  •  Asthma 
  •  Menopause symptoms
  •  Headache and Migraine
  •  Fatigue – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; Slow metabolism; Just plain tired
  •  Heart Disease
  •  Arthritis
  •  Diabetes
  •  Cancer
  •  Obesity/Weight gain
  •  Memory and Concentration loss
  •  Accelerated Ageing
  •  Infertility
  •  Vector born disease
What we've been told and why we may not be to blame for chronic conditions:
  • You can't make your own health luck, it's in your genes
  • We can all do the same things and get the same results
  • What you eat doesn't matter, just take a pill
  • A low fat diet is always healthy
  • Dairy and gluten and sugar aren't inflammatory
  • Environmental toxins are never meaningfully harmful
  • It's all just "calories in calories out" 
  • Our food always provides all the nutrients we need and all supplements are a waste of money
  • Storing food in plastic and heating it in the microwave has no ill effect
  • Salt in the diet and sun on the skin are always bad
  • Suppressing symptoms is the same as being healthy
Dr Cindy de Villiers acts as a Health Architect to provide new ideas, co-ordinate approved practitioners and de-mistify medicine, seeking to replace concern with empowerment 
  •  Specializes in Chronic Thyroid and Autoimmune Medical Care, not Acute Medical Care e.g. "My thyroid bloods are normal but I am still tired"
  •  MCNZ & AHPRA registered medical doctor who can access doctor only lab tests, prescribe medications, administer IV compounds & refer to specialists
  • Postgraduate FRNZCGP, FRACGPFACNEM, Biobalance, AIMA, A5M  qualified/affiliated
  •  Personalized treatment via phenotype and gene testing, lab & functional tests, a willingness to explore all avenues and hour consults to investigate individual & unique underlying factors
  •  Independent, Personalized Advice: no conflicts of interest between patient needs and govt funding or mass-market seminar & supplement sales
  • Dr de Villiers is a good choice if you want to investigate "Why" you are experiencing a condition
  •  A qualified & experienced registered medical expert, not a hammer looking for a nail
  • Lab Testing for understanding, to avoid suppressing symptoms
  • Balances the full mainstream & alternative medical toolkit
  •  More cost effective than a drawer of supplements that aren't working
  • Appointment intervals spaced to minimize delay
  • Telehealth/Zoom online consults for convenience
  •  Moves beyond “eat healthy, exercise, drink more water, get better sleep, lower your stress levels" to applying Scientific and Evidence based medical treatments
  •  Integrates the best of conventional, complementary and anti-ageing regenerative medicine 
  •  Preventative and personalized approach to internal medicine and health ageing 
  • A metabolic matrix approach with stronger science, instead of being silo-based
  •   Through understanding the disease state, be able to understand the lead-up to disease/pre-disease
Will Dr Cindy de Villiers Personalized Functional & Integrative approach help?
How does Personalized Medicine work?
  •  Prescriptions (doctor only)
  •  Referrals (doctor only)
  •  Bio-identical hormones (doctor only)
  •  Intravenous therapies (doctor only)
  •  Proprietary functional wellness plan at end of consult to take away
  •  Diet e.g. LCHF, Keto, Fasting
  •  Lifestyle e.g. Exercise, Sleep, Stress, Yoga
  •  Nutrients e.g. Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Nutrient Therapy
  •  Herbs
  •  Detoxification
  •  Kinesiology
  •  Biobalance
  •  ph360
  •  Allergies
  •  Provoked Heavy Metals (doctor only)
  •  Hormones
  •  Nutrients, especially Copper & Zinc and Vitamin D
  •  Salivary and urinary hormones
  •  Chemical & Toxic exposure e.g. Roundup, BPA
  •  Comprehensive digestive stool analysis
  •  Organic acid test
  •  Gene testing
  • Comprehensive Thyroid testing
  •  Pyroluria & Methylation
  •  Circulating Tumor Cells (doctor only Personalized Cancer Testing)
  •  Automated Medlab Results - fast & reliable arrival in Patient Portal
What patients are saying:
"My girl has just done her first full week at school in as long as I can remember.  She's physically turned a corner back to wellness again, my joy in regards to this is overwhelming."

"I was feeling sad all the time ... I couldn't talk through my feelings ... I've stuck to it and I've lost 11.5Kgs ... I'm breathing better ... I'm walking faster."

"34kg weightloss. Lots of visible health benefits. What a difference a year can make. Thank you Cindy. Dr Cindy de Villiers, the Medical Detective with a well functioning second brain in her heart.  She is smart and she cares."

"Can't remember feeling this good."

"Sometimes wonder where all this peace has come from."

"I have dreaded the winters the last few years as it seems to be when the temperature gets below 10deg centigrade that the pains start. For the first time in approx 4 years I no longer have pains in my legs."

"Numb feet and fuzziness in head are 85% better."

"My bowel is normal for the first time in years."

"Lots more energy. I've been told I look younger. Colour has come back in hair. Psoriasis better. I have the confidence to go on walks."
* Patient consent provided and names withheld as per guidelines.
Results provided are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar.
How it Works
Step 1: Get Started
To get started with Dr de Villiers' Program of Medical Interventions for Chronic Medical Conditions, click on the Starter Package button or Life Reset Package. Begin your journey towards your wellness and performance goals with a program to Assess, Intervene, Measure Response, Refine the Plan, Maintain. Patients who haven't seen Dr de Villiers for 2 or more years will need to re-apply (a lot changes in 2 years).
Step 2: Setup the first 1 hour consult
Click on "Patient Portal" to setup the first consult.  Your first consult will complete with a proprietary functional wellness plan to put what you learn into action (lab tests, prescriptions, supplements, referrals, dietary & lifestyle advice).
  •  Address: Phoenix Arcade, 3/16 Bridge Street, Nelson, 7010, New Zealand
  • Entrance to mall from Bridge street (Haven Realty) or Montgomery Square (Bin Inn).
  • Plenty of parking on street or in Montgomery Square.
  • Phone: 03 545 6544
  • Fax: 03 928 0185
  • Clinic Contact Days: Monday, Friday 8.30am-5pm and Wednesday 10.30am-7pm
    Phone and Message Queue Days: Tuesday, Thursday 8.30am-5pm (reception closed in order to complete followup administration & CPD)
Patients use the Patient Portal to send Secure Messages instead of emails.
Please use email for general inquiries only and not medical information.  
The clinic will usually answer emails by the end of the next working day. 
Health Function Clinic
Step 3: Lab/Functional Tests, Supplements, Prescriptions & Referrals
The initial consult may result in recommendations for Standard/Functional Laboratory Tests, Bloods, Lifestyle and Nutrition changes, Supplements etc.  The clinic does not profit from the sale of supplements in order to be in a position to provide independent advice. Refer FAQs.
Step 4: Setup the followup 30 minute consult
3-6 weeks later with the Lab Tests returned, the followup consult will refine the wellness plan using the new information to hand. 
Step 5: Maintenance
6 monthly as required by the Medical Council for prescriptions, or as required. 
Personalized, Independent, Collaborative, Experienced, Responsive, Science & Evidence Based Medical Treatment for Chronic Conditions
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