Private Functional Medical Clinic

Had Enough of doing the Same Things and getting the Same Outcomes?

The clinic’s aim is to use 2.5 hours of professional medical advice to help clients influence a lifetime of health nature and nurture, for a meaningful outcome within 2-3 months. That’s no small undertaking, so what will clients need to do to play their part? There's an initial investment of time and money to create change e.g.

  • While the cost of living may even reduce with modified nutrition & habits, there's an interim change in lifestyle & habits that must be funded & resourced

  • Lab Testing reduces trial and error.  With only 15 contact hours per week, the clinic needs to be targeted

  • Supplements may be used therapeutically, or to address a deficiency

  • Referrals may be required to address addictions or plug other holes

Why might Cindy’s advice differ to that published in the media/online?

Paraphrasing a recent lecture by Prof Luis Vitetta, the assumption of all medical studies is that humans are genetically the same; this calls into question the conclusions of these studies.

Personalized Healthcare without Treatment Boundaries

For young & old, male & female, vegetarian & omnivore, a registered functional medical approach towards increasing quality of life while appropriately reducing reliance on medication

Treating the underlying causes of unhealthy Ageing and Brain Function, ThyroidAutoimmune & other Chronic Conditions

Current experience of what's working and what isn't, across a high volume of clients with similar presentations

Clients see the same experienced team of 3 each visit, who are focused full-time on services to support the optimal 15 contact hours per week


Chronic Conditions Treated:

  • Thyroid

  • Autoimmune

  • Anxiety and Depression

  •  Hormonal Issues 

  •  Menstrual disorders e.g. PMS , heavy periods

  •  Digestive disorders e.g. Irritable Bowel Syndrome 

  •  Allergies

  •  Asthma 

  •  Menopause symptoms

  •  Headache and Migraine

  •  Fatigue – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; Slow metabolism; Just plain tired

  •  Heart Disease

  •  Neurological Disorder

  •  Diabetes

  •  Arthritis

  •  Obesity/Weight gain

  •  Memory and Concentration loss

  •  Accelerated Ageing

  •  Infertility

  •  Vector born disease

What do you get with Health Function and Dr Cindy de Villiers?

Health Function is a full-time specialized functional medical service with the experience, staff, environment and systems to manage the complexity of treating chronic conditions for optimal outcomes.

  • The practice embraces both conventional & complementary therapies and is an alternative to a reductionist approach.

  • Registered with the Medical Council e.g. MCNZ and AHPRA

  • Functional & integrative post-graduate qualifications, fellowships, memberships e.g. ACNEMAIMAA5MBioBalance

  • Authorized to prescribe and access funded bloods and lab tests

  • Authorized to refer directly to specialists

  • Attends a registered doctors peer group for collaboration around complex clients and to meet CPD requirements

  • Continuing investment in registered doctor medical courses each year in NZ and internationally for the latest research and techniques

  • 11 years of formal medical training and 29 years of registered medical practice in NZ, Australia & South Africa

  • As a doctor registered with the Medical Council, Dr Cindy de Villiers may not make false or misleading claims

  • Meets privacy and quality commitments using professional medical systems