We’re about a healthy lifespan through optimizing cognitive, physical and emotional performance
— Dr Cindy de Villiers
Reset health by going through the layers including hormonal, digestive down to cellular and mitochondrial health
— Dr Cindy de Villiers

Functional Medicine treats the body as a whole rather than a collection of unrelated parts, encompassing the following modalities

  • Bio-chemical: Addressing nutrient imbalances & deficiencies

  • Bio-mechanical: From physical imbalances through to surgical options

  • Neuro-emotional: From unconscious programming through to electron/ion communication of neurons

Example of how it works

A client presents with sleep/energy issues & wanting more capacity:

  • Investigation and lab testing might throw up thyroid problems

  • The thyroid issues might relate to an iodine deficiency

  • The iodine deficiency might relate to lifestyle and nutritional imbalances

  • Challenges to getting well might relate to unconscious programming or emotional imbalances

  • Presentation may include questions around dietary and lifestyle choices

Treatment options may include:

  • Lifestyle/nutrition changes e.g. Intermittent Fasting and a LCHF diet

  • Being aware of how nutrition interacts with genetic variation

  • Supplements and/or prescriptions

  • Referral for neuro-emotional or energetic work

  • Bio-mechanical referrals including bodywork or surgery


Cindy’s Points of Difference

  • Widely experienced across all conventional and complementary modalities

  • Independent and without a reductionist agenda

  • Extensive understanding and use of advanced lab testing

  • The ability to connect the dots and recognize patterns arising from 29 years of medical diagnostic experience

  • Working with genetic pre-disposition

  • Individually applying the latest medical research and capabilities, from nutrition, to surgery, to exploring bio-hacking

  • Realistic time and resource allocation to safely collaborate around which combinations of treatment modalities to pursue

Will the clinic be a good fit for me?

The clinic is likely a good fit for non-pregnant adults aged 16+ looking to live longer, be healthier and optimize performance - particularly those wanting to take investigation and intervention to another level.

Clients will be:

  • wanting to address imbalances or diagnosed conditions undermining optimal cognitive, physical and emotional health

  • wanting to explore increasing performance (ethically and without impairing health)

  • wanting to work collaboratively with independent medical advice

  • self-motivated to make agreed changes to lifestyle & nutrition

  • enthusiastic and purposeful about the desired outcomes

  • familiar with using an online Patient Portal for routine interactions including payment by credit card (or able to get family support to assist)

  • wanting the practitioner’s doctor i.e. services are more appropriate for those metaphorically going from a jog to a sprint than those starting at a walk

  • wanting a long term relationship to monitor health changes and take advantage of the latest medical research


Registering as a new client begins with a NZ$1,272.50 pre-payment (incorporating 3.5 hours clinical contact and associated materials, noting 2-10 hours of followup/admin for every clinical hour).

The General Fee Schedule then applies as a currently registered client i.e. when a client has been seen by Cindy at consult in the last 2 years:

  • Nelson Clinic Consultation 60 minutes: $250.00 (give yourself an hour unless for a routine matter; you’ll only pay for what you use and “less rush less hassle”)

  • Nelson Clinic Consultation 30 minutes: $125.00

  • www.zoom.us/Phone Consultation 60 minutes: $300.00

  • www.zoom.us/Phone Consultation 30 minutes: $150.00

  • Online Medical Inquiry through Online Portal Secure Message: $30.00 / message or per 10 minutes

  • Repeat Prescriptions: $15.00

  • Nurse Consult/Injection: $15.00 per 15 minutes

What is the cost of prescriptions from Cindy?

Subsidized medications will cost a maximum of $15 per item from a pharmacy, rather than a maximum of $5 per item through funded GP services.

What Cindy prescribes would generally not be prescribed by a funded service e.g.

  • Non-subsidized medication

  • Medication prescribed for non-endorsed conditions

  • Compounded medications

The body is an amazing thing. We enjoy working with clients towards agreed goals and having some fun together doing it.
— Dr Cindy de Villiers

Chronic conditions respond well to Functional Medicine

The reasoning is that what is experienced as chronic illness may have to do with the ecology of the cell and the cell's response to perceived danger, whether from infections, toxins or psychological distress. 
This unified theory of chronic disease lends itself to the treatment of many chronic conditions by modifying the cell ecology, the potential dangers and the resultant mitochondrial dysfunction (e.g. excess or insufficient inflammation).

Chronic Conditions which can undermine performance:

  • Thyroid Disease

  • Autoimmune Conditions

  • Depression

  • Hormonal Issues

  • Digestive Disorders 

  • Allergies

  • Asthma 

  • Menopause symptoms

  • Headache and Migraine

  • Fatigue – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; Slow metabolism

  • Heart Disease

  • Neurological Disorders

  • Diabetes

  • Arthritis

  • Memory and Concentration loss

  • Accelerated Ageing

  • Obesity/Weight gain (more a symptom than a cause)

What do you get with seeing Cindy?

Health Function is a full-time specialized functional medical service with the experience, staff, platform and motivation to manage health complexity for optimal outcomes.

  • Functional Medicine Guidance for self-empowerment

  • Advanced use of Medication, Supplements, Testing & Specialists (local and international)

  • Specialized expertise treating chronic conditions

  • Expertise in enhancing brain function and physical capacity (responsible Biohacking)

  • Embraces both conventional & complementary therapies

  • Registered with the Medical Councils in NZ and Australia i.e. MCNZ and AHPRA (and previously registered in South Africa)

  • Functional & Integrative post-graduate qualifications, fellowships, memberships e.g. ACNEMAIMAA5MBioBalance

  • Continuing investment in training in NZ and internationally for the latest medical research and techniques including and beyond CPD requirements

  • 11 years of formal medical training and 29 years of registered medical practice in NZ, Australia & South Africa

  • To be registered, Cindy may not make false or misleading claims (as defined and governed by the respective Medical Councils)

  • The clinic meets privacy and quality commitments using professional medical systems