Functional & Integrative 
Clinic FAQs
Why should I see Dr Cindy de Villiers and Rose Middleton MN?
As patients we are often told to “live with it.” It being chronic problems for which mainstream medicine has no real answers except a pill for the rest of our life, which we have to take to suppress our sympItoms. While there is seldom a single reason for a particular problem, by piecing together parts of the puzzle which may be adding to our state, we may lead ourselves down the path of health.  A registered Functional & Integrative medical doctor is qualified and experienced to guide you towards this path.

As an example, a patient with a rash might first book in with a GP for immediate topical relief, but then book with Dr de Villiers & Rose Middleton as well if they felt the rash was a symptom of a wider problem, or they wished to investigate further to prevent the rash recurring.

Other patients with long term chronic conditions might have reached the end of the road within the medical model available to GPs and specialists and wish to try a new Personalized Functional and Integrative medical approach.

Dr de Villiers & Rose Middleton provide the flexibility and independence of a Natural Health Practitioner without losing the rigour, capabilities and oversight of an experienced Registered Medical Doctor & Nurse.

The clinic isn't subsidized by govt capitation funding and doesn't profit from the sale of supplements in order to maintain independence of advice, so the product being purchased is Independent Personalized Registered Medical advice.
Why does Independent Personalized Registered Medical advice using the latest Research matter?
As one example, a well known and promoted drug has a much acclaimed 30-50% benefit for reducing heart risk, which sounds impressive.  In real terms, it means only 1% of those taking it will gain any benefit despite many encountering significant unpleasant side-effects.  

On the other side of the coin, Registered Medical Doctors have extended access to Research, Training and Capabilities unavailable to Natural Health Practitioners.

It is the clinic's opinion (born from clinical and personal experience) that Independent Personalized Registered Medical Advice matters when patients wish to collaborate in making informed health choices.   
What is Personalized Functional & Integrative Medicine?
By New Zealand legal definition, your appointments with Dr de Villiers are for a Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) consultation. CAM is also known as “Nutritional & Environmental Medicine” and “Functional & Integrative Medicine”.

For more information about CAM, refer MCNZ Doctors and CAM

Health Function provides Complementary Medical care that does not take the place of usual GP medical care. Health Function does not provide General Practice services.  Patients are expected to continue enrollment with their GP.
What was Dr de Villiers's journey to specializing in the Personalized Functional & Integrative medical approach?
In Dr de Villiers' words:
In the early days, I was brought up in an environment where food was considered important for health and at Med School in the early 90s, I was inspired to do my research project in homeopathy.
Then while practicing as a GP in NZ in the late 90s and trying to find a way to add value to patients, I stumbled upon Mike Cushman.  Mike founded Pharmaceutical Compounding (PCNZ) and ran an educational series for GPs, which introduced me to bio-identical hormone replacement and a whole new world.  The well known Dr Tessa Jones was also one of the speakers at the same educational series and I would later do some locum-ing for Tessa.
In early 2000 a family member had a personal health crisis, which eventually turned out to be mercury poisoning.  The mainstream medical toolkit on its own was inadequate to deal with the presenting symptoms, which led me to delve into aspects beyond the pharmaceutical approach.
Then in the early 2000s, Professor Ian Brighthope of ACNEM was instrumental in opening up the world of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine and re-igniting my belief in the value that could be added by medicine.
I've been supported along the way by progressive companies like FxMed and PCNZ as well as leaders in their field like Dr Tim Ewer.
What sort of patients are a good fit with the services provided by Dr de Villiers & Rose Middleton MN?
Those with significant chronic condition medical need and the means to attain the necessary commitment and positive attitude for the medical ritual. 
Am I ready for Personalized Functional and Integrative Medicine to address a chronic condition?
- Are you passionate about getting well and ready to make appropriate lifestyle, diet, medication, supplement and exercise changes?
- Do you feel you have the courage and willingness to take the next step towards wellness? 
- Are you interested in "Eat fresh, local, seasonal whole food produce according to your cultural beliefs & environment, reducing sugar & processed 'food'"? (credit Dr Gary Fettke) 
- Once a plan is agreed with your doctor and nurse, will you commit to the plan and respect the clinic's advice & procedures?
If the answer to these questions is no but you are interested, have a think what next step you might take so you can answer yes.
Who shouldn't see Dr de Villiers & Rose Middleton MN?
- those who are pregnant should best wait until after birth to visit Dr de Villiers, as she is unable to institute the full program during pregnancy.
- those who need WINZ forms completed should see their GP or after-hours, who are funded and staffed and have the electronic forms to cater for urgent needs.
- those who wish a formal documented medical legal opinion.  The clinic no longer provides a service to document medical legal opinions.
- those who are unable to use the online Patient Portal on a smartphone, tablet or laptop for messaging and appointments.  While we do our best to help those unable to use online resources, the clinic's cost structure and collaborative vision are geared to the use of the Patient Portal.
- Due to WIFI, the clinical environment is unsuitable for those with EMF/EMR sensitivity.
- For prospective patients where self-worth, social status or financial security may be linked to illness, it is best to carefully consider whether to proceed.  The clinic isn't a good fit for those not interested in getting well and staying well.
Will it work?
While Dr de Villiers is a gateway to the latest medical research and capabilities for Thyroid/Autoimmune and other chronic conditions, the question of whether treatment will work is largely up to the individual patient.  "You get out what you put in".

For a rule of thumb:
- About 7/10 patients will respond well to treatment within the first 1-3 months.  (It's difficult to be exact, because the clinic often doesn't hear for a year or more from patients who feel well.)
- A shade less than 3/10 will take longer to respond, either because complex requirements take time to unravel and/or patients for a variety of reasons are unable to follow the agreed wellness plan arising from the initial consultation.
- 0.005% of patients in 2018 haven't been able to be helped.  We expect this percentage to drop substantially as the clinic tunes its induction processes towards where it can provide the most impact.
Will I be listened to, or will I be fobbed off and ridiculed?
While we are all unique, a number of patients come out of consult quite emotional to have it confirmed for the first time that their symptoms are not all in their head.  Patients frequently say "Cindy looks at things in a different way and that's what I want".
Is it OK if I have a specific treatment in mind that I wish Dr de Villiers to consider?
Dr de Villiers is happy to explore all treatment options on a time and materials basis. 
But don't registered medical doctors just get me to pop pills or surgery with little long term evidence of benefit?
Internationally there are signs that governments and the medical industry are looking in the mirror for why the public is losing some confidence in mainstream medical institutions, despite the hard work of those in the field.  The recent decision by AHPRA with respect to Dr Gary Fettke is both an interesting story and heartening for doctors and patients alike.  The Functional & Integrative approach is one response by experienced registered medical doctors looking to treat chronic conditions successfully without having their hands tied behind their backs.
How do Lab Tests & Functional Tests work?
Lab & Functional Tests are important to understand underlying causes and avoid treatments merely suppressing symptoms.  

Functional Lab Tests differ from Standard Lab Tests in that they provide information on functionality rather than pathology e.g. how well you are using food for energy as opposed to measuring your blood glucose level.

A registered medical doctor is legally responsible for ensuring that tests are appropriate and that the resulting information from a test is acted upon appropriately.  Thus tests kits are not supplied by a registered medical doctor without a consultation.  Dr de Villiers through experience has found the best outcomes arise from a pre-consult with an appropriate followup consult.

In summary, reasons to get test kits from a registered Functional & Integrative medical doctor include:
- qualified to provide advice as to whether a test is relevant and the best option
- access to all tests
- formal qualifications for interpretation to fully understand the complex physiological pathways
- the full intervention toolkit, including alternative supplements/nutrition/lifestyle and mainstream prescriptions/referrals.
- a Patient Portal where you can securely collate and access all your results alongside your medical history  

Lab tests range in cost and the consultation can prioritize according to budget and effectiveness which tests will be beneficial, which ones you should start with and which ones you might budget for later.
What about Supplements?
A functional doctor will evaluate your unique nature and nurture and propose the most effective and appropriate supplements as one spoke in a wheel of an overall plan of treatment, leading to fewer more effective supplements, which are better suited to individual circumstances. 

Tried a supplement that was ineffective?  Without a personalized plan, there are likely to be adverse supplement/medication/lifestyle interactions that often impact upon supplement effectiveness.  The complexity with regards to mass marketing of supplements leads to many contradictory messages from quoted scientific papers and media headlines.  While there's no such thing as a magic bullet that works for all people all the time, personalized use of supplements is an effective intervention (in the opinion and experience of the clinic). 

Dr de Villiers uses supplements either to address a deficiency or therapeutically to aid recovery. The trick for effectively using supplements is only using the ones your individual system will benefit from and then choosing the most effective brand. There's a wide range of quality and effectiveness for the same supplement depending upon brand.  Information around effectiveness is constantly being updated with formal Continuing Professional Development.  The brands that Dr de Villiers recommends will change if there's one that turns out to be more effective for a reasonable price. The clinic recommends the brands we use personally. 

Inner Strength carry the specific supplement brands Dr de Villiers recommends and provide a helpful combination of value and service with their "one stop shop".  Inner Strength and Health Function are independent companies with a shared vision of patient wellness, but no shared financial interests or governance.  The clinic has chosen not to profit from the sale of supplements to avoid conflicts of interest and maintain independence of advice.

Ordering, payment and subsequent inquiries about the delivery of Supplements should be made to Inner Strength via their Shopify Website, or visit the Gym in Richmond at 5 McIndoe Place Richmond, or call Annie & Krysta on (03) 5447786.

If visiting the Inner Strength Gym in Richmond to order, you are advised to bring a printout of your wellness plan, or be able to login to the patient portal on your smartphone.  This will help:
- identify what supplements you need
- identify yourself as a patient of Dr de Villiers to get access to restricted doctor-only supplements  
Inner Strength map
Lifestyle & Nutrition: why Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) diet & Intermittent/Extended Fasting (IF & EF) ?
Paradoxically, a high fat diet can be an effective way to lose weight and increase energy.  Keto is a strict version of this diet which has been used for treatment of epilepsy and is now being studied as an adjunct to cancer treatment.  Being in ketosis through a ketagenic diet (or by specific supplementation) is associated with reduction in inflammation and increased cognitive function.  Restricting calories may however lead to slowing the metabolism.  

Combining Fasting with LCHF can be the best of both worlds, simultaneously reducing inflammation while maintaining metabolic rate.  Dr Jason Fung is a leading proponent of the science behind Fasting with other notables including Dr Stephen Phinney and Dr Tim Noakes.

Dr de Villiers can provide advice on how to approach LCHF, Fasting and Keto diets for each individual.  LCHF and Fasting have shown remarkable results. 
Why use Compounding Pharmacies?
Compounding Pharmacies provide advanced prescribing options associated with the latest medical research.

Through Dr de Villiers being registered in Australia and New Zealand, patients are able to take advantage of the capabilities of PCNZ in New Zealand and Tugun/Kingsway in Australia. 
What about Gene Testing?
Summarizing a passage from a talk by Dr Andrew Heyman:
Just because you have a gene snp, you don't know whether it's live or not.  It all changes based upon what you ate this morning and your epigenetics.  Be suspicious of people manipulating genetic pathways, saying what fats you can eat based upon your genetic snps, because they're selling a book, a dietary supplement, or want you to come to their workshop.  It's amazing what's going on, but it's not there yet. 

Dr de Villiers' approach to gene testing is to focus on genes for which there is evidence that lifestyle changes can be effective. Gene testing is one tool in an overall toolkit, starting with the specific area of interest and interpreting from there.  Gene tests get correlated with clinical presentation, response to intervention & functional testing.

If interested in gene testing, one simple comprehensive option is to order Fitgenes.

If you have already completed a 23andme test (the USD99 ancestry one is fine), Dr de Villiers can provide guidance around interpretation.
Why Referrals to Specialists?
Reached the end of the road with your existing medical approach and being told to "live with it"?  Dr de Villiers' toolkit includes referrals to specialist medical services in NZ and beyond.  Some specialist services are only available where supported by a large population base e.g. a short flight to Brisbane opens up access to different medical capabilities at Qscan Radiology Clinics.  Dr de Villiers' sister who is a specialist in Brisbane describes some of the opportunities with the latest Radiology & Neurovascular capabilities in this article.
How much will it cost to apply to see Dr Cindy de Villiers?
Applying as a new patient costs NZ$455, which includes a 1 hour consultation (NZ$250), 1 online medical inquiry (NZ$30), a half hour followup consultation 3-6 weeks later (NZ$125) and the NHI lookup and other setup administration (NZ$50).

The clinic by a process of discovery has found good outcomes occur for all parties at this price point.

As a rule of thumb when commencing the Starter Package, please in addition budget NZ$600 for the first 2-3 months test kits, supplements & prescriptions.

For further information refer fee schedule. 
Can I get it cheaper?
Natural Health Practitioners provide some of the same services and are sometimes cheaper.  They have a lower investment in training and lower costs through not being regulated by the medical council.

Mass-market services including supplement sales and seminars are often more expensive.  They are by definition less tuned to individual circumstances and often without recognized formal qualifications to interpret registered medical services.

Govt funded GP services available to enrolled patients may also provide part of the solution, but for better or worse are constrained by the guidelines.

If you are reading this, it's reasonable to assume that the available healthcare options aren't meeting your needs.  They didn't meet ours either.  The decision then is what to do about that.

If an investment in health will create stress, then you shouldn't proceed.  If improving your health is important to you and the failure to invest in health will cause stress, then the Specialized Personalized Functional & Integrative registered medical services provided by Dr de Villiers may be a good choice.
What are the longer term maintenance commitments/costs associated with seeing Dr de Villiers?
Some patients finish the Starter Package and need no more than annual maintenance (e.g. Methylcobalamin B12 injection therapy or Myers IV Therapy may produce immediate results), while other treatments will take longer and cost more. 

For those with prescriptions, the Medical Council requires 6 monthly followups, otherwise Dr de Villiers cannot issue repeat prescriptions.

Patients need to see Dr de Villiers at least annually to be able to access the Patient Portal for Online Medical Inquiries.

Patients who haven't seen Dr de Villiers for 2 or more years will need to re-apply for the Starter Package (because so much changes in 2 years).
Can patients claim consultations and costs against Insurance or ACC?
The clinic cannot guarantee insurance can be claimed, but can provide patients with all the information needed to submit a claim i.e. the clinic runs accounting processes suitable for providing itemized patient accounts. Some health insurance plans cover appointments with General and Specialist Doctors but we recommend you seek pre-approval.

Likewise you are welcome to keep any receipts and contact ACC about possible reimbursement of costs e.g. the amount that GPs are subsidized for ACC visits.
How do I get started?
Click on the Starter Package to get started.

Upon payment, you get access to schedule your first 2 consults and will then be provided with an IFM medical questionnaire.  The format of the questionnaire is optimized to collect the clues Dr de Villiers needs in order to know where to look and is an integral part of getting the most out of the hour available.  

For Yes/No questions where you feel "Maybe" would be more appropriate, techniques to try include: 
(1) try to avoid overthinking and answer what first springs to mind or ...
(2) leave blank if that feels best.  

If you have a NZ Passport, birth certificate or Residency Visa, a scan should be uploaded into the "Labs & Docs" tab for access to some services (or bring the document to the first consult for scanning).

Patients who have undertaken their own research and come in with specific questions or concerns often make the fastest progress. Mix it up in a positive manner and get involved!
Does the clinic offer Emergency and After Hours care?
Dr de Villiers' role is to turn an hour into influencing a lifetime of nature and nurture towards a patient wellness reset.  The clinic as a whole spends considerable effort towards creating the environment where these wellness resets can occur.  Emergency care runs counter to being able to provide this considered creative environment, so see GP and After Hours services for acute and emergency care.  
Why is Dr de Villiers registered as a medical doctor in Australia as well as New Zealand?
Registration in Australia & NZ means Dr de Villiers can treat Australian & NZ patients and provides access to a library service of published scientific papers through the Royal Australian College of Practitioners.

Australian registration also provides important prescribing options for patients which are unavailable in New Zealand e.g.:
- Kingsway Compounding for specific personalized B12 injections
- Tugun Compounding for purpose made personalized multi-vitamins 
Will my GP be OK with me seeing Dr de Villiers and will Dr de Villiers be OK with me seeing other practitioners?
GPs frequently refer patients to Dr de Villiers.  Dr de Villiers is the Medical Architect for coordinating treatment of Chronic Medical Conditions and you go to your GP (or After-Hours) for anything acute like colds, flu or other PHO funded services.  What Dr de Villiers does is complementary to your GP, in the manner that might be familiar with a specialist referral.

Likewise, Dr de Villiers routinely collaborates with multiple approved practitioners in the best interests of patients.
Are Telehealth/Skype/Zoom consults offered?
Yes. Dr de Villiers' work Skype address is but the clinic prefers to use Zoom because its easier to use and more reliable.  Dr de Villiers will message you a Zoom link prior to your appointment.  Please click on the link 10 minutes before you are due to start, to give your browser time to download any necessary plugins.  If Dr de Villiers is running a few minutes behind, reception will be in touch to keep you posted.   
Is the clinical environment suitable for those with sensitivities?
The carpets and furniture are offgassed, VOC free paints have been used, the air is carbon filtered and cork walls are used for absorption.  LED/Incandescent lighting is used.  The clinic is fragrance free e.g. staff wear no perfume products.  Our intent is to make the clinic a warm and safe environment for patients.  Bike and dog friendly environment. Filtered water and herbal tea available in the waiting room. Note the clinic presently has to use WIFI and is not suitable for patients with EMF/EMR sensitivities, where WIFI will be a problem.
Will Dr de Villiers call to discuss Lab Results?
Lab Results arrive electronically to the clinic and are then reviewed and released to the portal for patients. Dr de Villiers will call in the event that a Lab Result requires immediate attention, otherwise the results will be discussed at the next scheduled consult.  

Sometimes the results published in the portal are colour-coded Amber or Red, but are nonetheless OK.  Conversely results may be coded green but are not OK i.e. the colour-coding system is indicative but doesn't take into account all the individual factors which Dr de Villiers will consider.  

Dr de Villiers is not able to call clients at their request outside of scheduled consults to discuss results i.e.
- she is in consult seeing other patients
- it's inefficient to unnecessarily play telephone tag
- a 5 minute conversation is unfortunately never a 5 minute conversation
- the clinic is not an emergency service

Where concerned, patients may wish to make an interim online medical inquiry via a secure message in the Portal.
Can the clinic send my Lab Results to my GP or other practitioners?
The clinic can't email Lab Test results to another practitioner due to privacy regulations around sharing medical information.  

Instead alternatives include:
- the GP or other practitioner may make a request via Healthlink or similar.  This is a routine procedure but does take a few days
- the Lab Results are available electronically in the "Labs & Docs" folder of the Patient Portal and can be printed, or you can login to the portal with the practitioner who needs to see the result
What about Intravenous Vitamin C (IVC) and other IV therapies?
High dose Vitamin C is given intravenously to treat and/or ameliorate the symptoms of a number of medical conditions. Intravenous therapies include Myers Cocktails and Glutathione.

It takes time to make up the IV fluids and they cannot be used after 24hrs once made up, so it is important to let us know if you are unable to attend an IV appointment by 9am that day at the absolute latest (if an IV infusion has been prepared and a patient misses the appointment without letting us know, the fee for the infusion will be charged to recover costs). 

All patients need to sign a consent form prior to receiving IV therapy.

Where possible and particularly if you may have difficult veins, please undertake brisk exercise of some sort before your IV appointment to pump up your veins.

Allow 1-3 hours for an IV depending upon what's being given and the circumstances.

Refer IV info for more information.

IV Therapies available upon application subject to approval.  
What is Anti-Ageing and why is Dr Cindy de Villiers an A5M Practitioner?
There are 2 branches to Anti-Ageing, cosmetic and medical.  The clinic is focused on the medical and lifestyle aspects of Anti-Ageing to avoid masking symptoms e.g. irregularities on the face might be an indication of excessive alcohol consumption and/or oxidative stress.  One approach might be to reduce alcohol and increase liver and kidney support and another might be an expensive and well marketed course of topical treatments and moisturizers.  Dr de Villiers is more interested in the former approach.  Refer A5M for more info.
What about Muscle Testing (Applied Kinesiology)?
Muscle testing is one tool available in the toolkit.  If you are specifically looking for Muscle Testing for food allergies, there are local options in Nelson which may be more immediately available e.g. Alison Singleton.  For more information about muscle testing, refer Muscle Testing info
What about things like FIR Sauna & Sensory Deprivation Floating & Cryo-Sauna?
There are a number of reasons for having regular saunas for enhanced physical performance and detoxification.  The clinic can recommend local providers.

Sensory deprivation floats are very calming and physically therapeutic due to the magnesium absorption through the skin. The clinic can recommend local providers.

Cryosaunas and ice baths are promoted by biohackers for increased energy.  The underlying idea is to tap into primordial energy pathways in a similar way to Tummo breathing.  The medical advice is to not undertake Cryosauna or ice baths unless cleared by your doctor.
Is Dr de Villiers a registered GP (Family Doctor)?
Yes.  However for Health Function, Dr de Villiers is post graduate FACNEM qualified and specializes in the treatment of thyroid and auto-immune and other chronic medical conditions.  In her capacity with Health Function, patients see Dr de Villiers to investigate in depth a chronic medical condition or to optimize energy and performance.  Health Function does not provide govt funded acute or emergency medical care. 
Is Dr de Villiers a Naturopath?
No. A naturopath has 2-3 years of training, while a registered postgraduate qualified FACNEM doctor has a minimum 11 years of formal training. 
What about Privacy for my Medical Data?
Dr de Villiers, staff and suppliers make every attempt to comply with the Privacy Act 1993 and Health Information Privacy Code 1994.  Every patient interaction is subject to review by,,, etc and equally Dr de Villiers is a member of    

All staff receive privacy training and patient privacy is integral to our thinking and values.  

Health Function has invested in professional medical software for efficiently managing the complex data from medical collaboration in a HIPAA compliant facility.  

The clinic's policy is not to release patient information to external parties, unless for procedural reasons to the benefit of the patient (e.g. lab tests and delivery of supplements), or where required to do so by court order.
Does the clinic provide a Patient Portal so I can see my information and collaborate easily and securely with the clinic?
The Patient Portal is fundamental to the Functional & Integrative medical approach.  
It is the best way to:
- make and update appointments
- send and receive messages to and from the clinic
- upload and download documents, handouts, test results, ID documents etc 
- update contact details
- set preferred pharmacies so your prescriptions arrive at the right place 
Why shouldn't I just send an email instead of using the Patient Portal?
Emails seem convenient, but go wrong all the time: 
- how many times have you had an email or a reply go missing? (that's a problem with an important medical request!)
- how many times do emails randomly get lost in junk mail?
- how often do emails not get answered when a staff member is away on holiday or a training course
- emails cause LOTS of confusion, where the clinic can't tell which patient the email is from, or the clinic is not allowed to reply to an email address not associated with the registration
- emails have to be manually copied and pasted by the clinic to maintain medical council filing requirements causing extra workload; time which could better be spent doing something useful 
- emails can't be managed in a shared queue, which risks mistakes on tasking and followups
- emails legally may not contain medical information, which disrupts responses
- want to call reception and get an immediate answer to your question?  If all history and interactions are in the portal, reception can help immediately, which is great for everyone. 
How responsive is the clinic if I ask a question?
Patient queries made during NZ business hours arrive in a central queue, which is continually reviewed and tasked to the appropriate person.  In this manner, nothing gets lost and patients get reliable fast responses.

The Patient Portal provides convenient 24x7 access to information and services, freeing up Reception and Nursing to focus time on adding value.  In this way, most medical queries will be responded to within 1 business day.

Prospective patients may contact the clinic through the website or Facebook or the phone.

There is one clinic phone line, which may not be answered if the phone is already engaged or there is a patient at reception.  The clinic's policy is that those at reception take priority over phone calls.  Where the phone isn't answered, please call back later, leave a message, message using Facebook or the website.
Is there a facility for Online Medical Inquiries to Dr de Villiers?
For patients who have been seen in consult within the last year, Dr de Villiers offers a service for online medical inquiries via Secure Messages in the Patient Portal.  

The Health Act precludes Dr de Villiers sharing medical information via email except in emergency circumstances, so patients shouldn't email medical questions as the clinic is unable to respond with medical information by email.

Any online medical inquiries requiring a medical response from Dr de Villiers (i.e. subject to review by the Medical Council) will incur the minimum online medical inquiry consult fee of NZ$30.
How can patients help the clinic to deliver the warm wonderful experience and outcomes we all want?
- Apply under the same name and email to be used subsequently.  It leads to confusion when patients apply under one name and then contact the clinic using a different name.  
- Provide an email and phone number where the clinic will be able to contact you for appointment reminders and waitlist updates.  
- Provide a personal email address not a work email, so there won't be issues if you change jobs. 
- Update your details using the Patient Portal when they change.
- Only make appointments for yourself, not on behalf of someone else.  Dr de Villiers prepares for you individually the night before an appointment and your consult is also linked to a government NHI number, so someone else can't replace you without notice.
- If you know your appointment is about many complex matters, give yourself and the subsequent patients a break and book an hour unless you can prioritize just a few issues.
- Try to avoid last minute prescriptions or appointment changes; the clinic is using best endeavors and technology to deliver a seamless service, but there are 999 other patients and only one highly qualified and experienced doctor and nurse to share. 
- If paying an invoice via internet banking, providing the invoice number in the payment reference saves time and confusion.
- The clinic can't accept files on data keys (they are akin in security/privacy terms to a ticking bomb). 
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