Treating Autoimmune


Have you been diagnosed with an Autoimmune condition by an Endocrinologist (Thyroid, Diabetes), Rheumatologist (Autoimmune) or Immunologist (Allergies)?

You have options you may not be aware of.

For example, a patient with Rheumatoid or Inflammatory Arthritis might seek further treatment from a:

(1) Specialist 

Specialists can prescribe pills/drugs or an injection (perhaps steroids).  The joints will likely feel better and the patient can continue with their lifestyle and nutrition (wine & cake!), however at increased risk of obesity, cancer and infections.  A mainstream and conventional solution suitable for many, but with risk of only suppressing symptoms.

(2) Natural Health Practitioner e.g. Naturopath

A natural health practitioner has 2-3 years training to look at underlying pre-dispositions & antecedents.  The alternative treatment toolkit includes changes in lifestyle and nutrition to reduce inflammation.

(3) Registered Functional & Integrative doctor 

A registered FACNEM doctor has a minimum of 11 years of formal training to apply Personalized Therapies, using a combination of the latest registered doctor-only Scientific & Evidence Based Treatments with Lifestyle & Nutrition Changes.  Funded & unfunded tests are available and Dr Cindy de Villiers can prescribe from compounding pharmacies in New Zealand and Australia.  Advice is independent of guideline and supplement sale commercial interests.  The goal is a more resilient, healthier happier self, that can achieve more and be there for their loved ones.  Instead of the unpleasant side-effects of a Pharmaceutical first approach, side-benefits of treatment may include better sleep and more energy.

For option (3), Dr Cindy de Villiers' Autoimmune Program is designed for Telehealth delivery throughout Australia and New Zealand.  All you need is a smartphone, tablet or laptop & reliable internet.

If you would like to explore improving your Autoimmune condition, please read the FAQ below, then click on the "Starter Package" if you feel Dr Cindy de Villiers will be a good fit for you.