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Treating Anxiety
A Registered Medical Functional & Integration approach to Anxiety and Depression

There are alternatives to mass medication for anxiety and depression.

For example, an Organic Acid Test (OAT) might return results low on dopamine, which leads to the question whether dopamine is not being produced or whether the breakdown is being blocked.  An OAT in combination with a Gene test might help answer that question.

Additional Histamine & Methylation tests provide further clarity for selecting the best treatment option for the 2-3 month program.

Test analysis and Treatment is provided by a registered FACNEM doctor with 28 years experience applying Personalized Therapies, using a combination of the latest registered doctor-only Scientific & Evidence Based Treatments with Lifestyle & Nutrition Changes.  Funded & unfunded tests are available and Dr de Villiers can prescribe from compounding pharmacies in New Zealand and Australia.  Advice is independent of guideline and supplement sale commercial interests.  The goal is a more resilient, healthier happier self, able to achieve more and be there for the loved ones.  Instead of the unpleasant side-effects of a Pharmaceutical first approach, side-benefits of treatment may include better sleep and more energy.

Package Includes:
Starter: $455 (including initial consult, an online medical inquiry, a followup consult and patient setup)
OAT: $418 (optional)
Fitgenes: $500 (optional)
Methylation: $350 (optional)
Histamine including Spinning: $217 (optional)
1 hour Consult to review OAT and Fitgenes: $250 (optional)

Dr de Villiers' Anxiety and Depression Program is designed for Telehealth delivery throughout Australia and New Zealand.  All you need is a smartphone, tablet or laptop & reliable internet.

If you would like to explore improving an Anxiety and Depression condition, please read the FAQ below to confirm if you feel Dr de Villiers will be a good fit for you, then click on the "Starter Package" to get started with a NZ$455 deposit.
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